Win7 64, Cubase and GVI issue

Hello everybody,

I’m wondering if anybody uses GVI with Win7 64-bit without issues. I have just built a new machine with i7 and a whole load of memory (my Spectrasonic instruments wouldn’t work if used simultaneously on my old machine). Now I want to have my GVI on this new PC, and am experiencing all kinds of troubles. I’ve read a few older threads on northernsounds and vienna sites about issues with GVI and the dongle, and people told that it is possible to use GVI in W7 64-bit. My GVI sees the dongle now (I edited registry), but when I intend to shut off the GVI window inside Cubase, everything just freezes. I tried to install GVI in Program files folder, in Program files(x86) folder, moved .dll into Cubase5\VSTPlugins and back - nothing helped; it kept freezing. I guess I might have installed the plugin not exactly right for W7 somehow; it’s not designed for it and definitely requires some precise tweaking. Having been installed by default set up it didn’t want to work either. I will greatly appreciate any help.


Have you test it with jbridge ? some plugs aren’t working with the inside cubase bridge and work fine with jbridge.

Hi Babaorum,

Thanks for your reply and excuse me for the late reaction - I thought that nobody would respond, and stopped checking this post for a while. I think I’ll just go with G-player, which I own as well. I liked GVI, and am used to it, but I wouldn’t mess with unknown apps just for the sake of a try. I decided to set up a network - finally! - and transfer data from my old PC to the new one, if I really need it, be it audio files or Cubase projects.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: