Win7 Firewall - Problem/Solution

I have installed the iPad device controller app and it works - IF - I turn off the Win7 Firewall. And actually, when I installed Bonjour, it seemed to create an issue concerning the fact that my firewall was turned off. I was not using any firewall protection on my wi-fi>router connected DAW.

(So now I have turned the firewall on if this isn’t clear.)

So at this point I have read the MS page on trying to modify the Firewall, all in the attempt to allow Cubase to be found by the ipad app. The problem is the Firewall window that would allow for a program choice does not show any programs. It seems to be greyed out. ? When I drop below this window, there is a another push button/bar that lets me try adding an additional program. Clicking on this, I do see a list of programs, Cubase included. After I click on Cubase and select it. as I close out the window, MS tells me: “Windows Firewall cannot add ‘Cubase 6’ to the list of exceptions.”

So, seaching the MS and the web I cannot find a solution to this. Has anybody here actually had to use the ‘add a program feature’ and if so, what were your original Firewall settings that allowed you to do this? Thanks.

The app is very cool, BTW, I just wish I get past the Firewall setup.

Let me answer my own question. The Win7 Firewall offers two different firewalls, one for the home network, and one for the Internet connection network. Since the iC Pro lives on the home network, I don’t need this turned on, so I can turn this firewall off. And when I do, the iC Pro works as it should, awesome. The other firewall, as I read it, if you use a router and are connected to it via wi-fi, may not need to be on either, but they say it may help in some extreme cases. So I left it on.

(I might add that, connected via wi-fi to a router, I had been running without any firewall protection on my DAW for at least a year without issue. But today, upon installing the Bonjour software, my computer, well, suddenly it seemed almost ‘self-aware’ that I was not using a firewall. Ha, believe it or not.)

OK, hope this helps someone. The iC Pro app is a great help for me since my sound room is located below my control room. Really, this is a game changer for my process. Thank you Steinberg!!!

P.S. I just tried the app on my iPhone as well, and all is good there, too. What a great tool!!!