Win7 specific requirements??? Service packs/updates?

Hey all -

I’m using a 64 bit Windows 7 Professional machine, and it is not connected to the Internet for peace of mind. This computer lives in the studio and that is its sole purpose. For activation of ilok and steinberg products I have a laptop.

I was just curious as to Nuendo 7s Windows requirements in terms of updates, service packs, etc for Windows 7, because I doubt my computer has been updated in ages! It’s been offline for almost 3 years now, and we all know that Windows just sort of automatically updates from time to time.

All our machines are online all of the time here, and they all have the latest Win7 updates.


Same here…

Hi kendalosborne,

at least Cubase Pro 8 definitely needs Win 7 SP1 to work, otherwise it won’t even start. I suppose Nuendo 7 is the same.

Hope this helps

So I guess what I’m hearing is - At least Win7 SP1, and it should probably work grand with that, but would probably work better/best to have Windows fully up-to-date, yeah?