Win8-64bit Nuendo4-64bit elic- Install Issues

I am trying to install Nuendo 4 64bit on Windows 8 64 bit.
The eLicenser Control Center version is up and working perfectly, able to read my current licenses.
Once I start the install process of Nuendo 4 64 bit, it launches a “Syncrosoft” module with this error message.

Syncrosoft Licence Control Warning
There are other activivated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation.
So… I restarted and repeated the installation with no luck.

I also tried installing Nuendo 4 32-bit; however, the same result was reached.

If I ignore the restart feature and install the application, the application is installed.
However, when Nuendo is started, Nuendo is asking for me to register the software; it does not seem to find the elcc.

How do I register this product?
Any thoughts or help?

Thank you for your help.

To further diagnosis the problem, I had decided to download and try to install Nuendo 5.5 trial version.
The trial version installed flawlessly; it works perfectly. No problems.

This makes me believe, there is a problem with Nuendo 4.4 and Syncrosoft.
Has anybody else ran into this problem?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4MHZ, 6 GB Ram, Windows 8.

I have this exact issue when trying to install Nuendo 3 onto a new computer. Can anyone provide assistance on this?