Wind Factor Explained?

Can someone explain the Wind Factor in Transport preferences? I was not able to find any documentation in the manual and changing the values from default 4 to something else did not seem to have any effect.

Should this be impacting how much the jog wheel advances when the values are changed?



Not jog. This affects shuttle and forward and rewind. It links t to the zoom factor. the closer you are zoomed in the slower it goes and vice-versa.

Gotcha. I assume from your answer that there is no way to do the same for the jog wheel. In other words, setting the factor by which the jog wheel advances.

Funny… two threads talking about step bar and nudge…

As far as the jog wheel in the transport panel, the speed with which you turn it (whether with the mouse or a remote control) dictates the speed of travel, and maxes out at the actual speed, e.g. 1x.

Have you had a go at using the shuttle control? it gives you speeds from 1/4 to 8x forward and reverse with key commands, midi remote control and the mouse, of course.

Also, are you acquainted with these commands available in Key Commands: step bar, step back bar, and nudge cursor?


I am switching from Logic to Cubase and trying to translate workflow behavior I am used to from Logic into a new workflow with Cubase. Thus the questions. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at all the key commands yet and figured that there are equivalents in Cubase, so this is all good information and very appreciated.



The key command dialog is where it’s at, man.