Wind Techniques and Expression Maps

So I see all these wonderful options for Wind Techniques in the playing techniques tab. I’m using the UVI Workstation IRCAM Solo Instruments library and I want to assign the Wind Technique ‘air’ to an air blowing patch in the expression map. However when I try to find it and assign in the expression map, there is no air to be found in the Playing Type Combinations list. Furthermore, there is no option for Jet Whistle (anywhere) or Quarter Tone. As a side note, I tried to assign the quartertone to ‘bend’ but could not find the technique assignment that activates it. I realize I could make my own but I would rather find one that’s already there to move things a long. Finally, I’m a little perplexed that Wind Techniques that are provided are not available in the exhaustive list of Playing Type Combinations in the expression map page. Is there a way to access the Wind Techniques? Thank you!

Also is there a way to assign KS based on noteheads? Like if I use ‘x’ noteheads to activate a KS?

If you hover the mouse over a written playing technique, you’ll see to what playing technique it’s linked to. And yes, you will have to create some for Ircam’s library, namely for 1/4 tons.
No you cannot assign a playing technique to a note head.

So with ‘air’ in the Wind Techniques, hovering the mouse reads Air (pt.natural) but again I don’t find anything like that in the Playing Type Combinations. Is there a way to access it?

Natural is the default playing technique since there’s no such sound as “air” in the default sound banks that come pack with Dorico. Pt before it, for playing technique, is for the inner working of the program, so you’ll find the playing technique in the list under Natural.
If you double click on the air technique you’ll get to the menu where you can change the link with the playing technique. I can rembember now but there’s most probably a playing technique in the list that corresponds to “air”. You’ll have to go through the list. If not,you can create one.
I do suggest strongly that you read the concerned sections in the manual and watch some tutorials before starting to mess around with the techniques and the xmaps. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t, but you’ll end up saving tons of time.

Thanks. Yeah, I’ve reviewed a lot of that which is why I wanted to find some ‘quick and dirty’ solutions to link the KS’s but I was quite puzzled by why Dorico would make the Wind Techniques so tantalizing when they cannot be implemented seamlessly.

The names for both written and playing techniques are purely referential. If you create a written technique called “moooow”, linked with a playing technique called “wouah” and you program an xmap where “mooow” triggers a rooster sound in your library, you’ll get that sound when writing moooow in your score

Ok, so I’m trying to do that. I created a technique called 1/4 and it should activate the quarter tone ks but I’m not getting anything. I know that its not an octave because other KS’s are working. But this one is not. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

This is well set. Now you have to check that your 1/4 ton playing technique does trigger the right key switch in UVI (watch out central do in shitty UVI’s IRCAM is C3) and make sure the map is assigned to the instrument (cog wheel in play mode).