Window far longer than opened file

When I drag and drop a file into WavLab, the window that opens inside WaveLab is far “longer” than the opened file. When I open one minute lasting file, the file itself last – as it should – one minute, but the “wave” field in the window is far too long and lasts up to over 17 minutes :confused:
The longer file I open, the longer empty field is.
It’s very confusing when I want to find very specific fragment of the file using the sliding bar at the bottom of the window, because it moves very, very fast…
As soon as I edit the file (in any way), the window stops being naughty and starts to fit real length of the opened file in very proper way.
Any ideas what’s going on and how to fix it??

Does the same thing happen when you open a file from the menu i.s.o. drag and drop?

Yes, when I open from the menu, it happens the same.
But I noticed, that when I open the same file second time (after closing/opening whole WaveLab also) even without editing, everything is ok. Both ways: from the menu and drag’n’drop.

I’ve just opened 1:13:54 long .wav file, but in the window, there is 44:06:10… :///

I think there must be something in your preferences that gets you a ‘fixed’ sort of timespan in view. IIRC, there’s a preference to ‘fit window to audio length’ or something like that.

I can’t find anything like that, so I guess I have to live with this annoying disfunction :wink:
Anyway, thanx for help!

It’s under Options > Audio File Editing Preferences > Editing tab. There’s a check mark for ‘Auto zoom’ and for ‘Whole Audio File’ or a fixed number of seconds you can input.

Yes, I found it. Cheking, unchecking, restatrting program… no result :frowning: