Window focus issue

Cubase 9 on multi monitor setup:

Highlight midi part in main project window
Hit Enter to bring up the key editor
Hit Enter again to close the key editor
Hit Enter to go back to the key editor (because you forgot what you were doing)…nothing happens. The focus hasn’t gone back to the main project window and doesn’t appear to be anywhere until you click in a window.

What’s up with that? Wouldn’t it make sense for the focus to return to the window you came from when you close the key editor?

Anybody? Could someone confirm this happens for them too and it’s not just happening to me?

Happening to me! Exactly this! With a single monitor. I’m trying to resolve this for ages now. So, we can rule out the monitor setup.

Let’s see what the similarities are. Are you using Cubase 9 or Cubase 9.5? (The rest of my setup is completely different to yours, but I am on Win10, not Win10 Pro however). (I’m using Cubase 9.5 pro)

focusing issues are there for ages. We just need to wait and hope

I’m on 9.03

Has someone already reported this issue on the bugs forum? I had a look in there and couldn’t find it