Window Frames - Colours don't follow theme W10- solved

I wondered if anyone knows how to get around this

My Windows 10 theme uses a colour (in my case dark grey) for window frames (new windows, pop ups etc) as part of the desktop, and therefore whole W10 colour scheme

But in Cubase the plug in window frames and pop ups are framed in a light colour (not the dark grey) nearly white

I think its got something to do with the way Steinberg found a way to get the whole windows thing to behave itself in version 8.

But I wonder if anyone knows how to get round this not following the colour correctly behavior in C8? I used to run a program called windowblinds by Stardock which was kind of ok, but they say they’re working to get it to work with W10.

Any Ideas?


Updated to the new w10 today and it now works exactly as it should