Window hierarchy uggg!

Quite fed up with the window management here in C6…trying to resurface windows that have fallen in behind others…and yes I have “always on top” selected. It did not bother me quite as much when I used to work with 2x22 monitors but currently I’m working on one 27 in. iMac and I find it a pain. Especially comparing it to working with Logic 9 on this computer where nothing gets lost…windows resize…and less time is spent searching.
I’m sure this topic has been done here mega…and I suspect Steiny is aware and in the process of fixing this in C7 but I thought I’d just vent a little… Cube is a stellar program … just needs this fixed badly though!

What windows are resizing? You’re not hitting the “maximize” button on any of the windows are you?

So if I open the mini browser or others …then work on the arrange page…it slips behind the arrange and I need to reopen it or resize the arrange to grab it from behind. Also the transport alway slips behind the arrange window.
also if I have the piano roll window open then work in the arrange it will slip behind.
Logics tabbed windows are fantastic to work with.
Ps. I do like to work with the arrange page at full size.

I have the Mediabay and Pool setup vertically (similar to Logic) off to the right of the screen. If I need them I just use the key commands I have set up and they always pop up the same place every time. Sometimes, if I need to, I’ll grab the right edge of the arrange window and drag it to the left edge of the Mediabay or Pool window which is super fast and easy for me.

Thats weird. The transport should always stay on top of the arrange window.

You might want to try “edit in place” (ctrl- shift- I)

Eventually Cubase will have docked/tabbed windows like Logic. All the new versions of all the other Steinberg apps have it: Wavelab, Halion, Sequel, etc… Cubendo is next.

Thanks for taking the time Stealth.

Ohhh I hate window dragging in C6 after using Logic :smiley:

I was incorrect about the transport…me bad… what I meant was that it would sometimes slip behind the mixer.

I would love to use the edit in place. Good idea! Is there any way to zoom in and have the midi notes thicker?..I know I can get them longer but they are so thin on my screen. Hard to manipulate even when the track is at maximum width.

I really like how they did in Halion 4. After some use is quite comfortable. I just hope they do the same in Cubase but with A LOT faster redraw speed.

Just hover the mouse over the piano keys till the pointer turns into a hand then move the mouse horizontally to make the midi notes thicker.

Perfect …looking promising. Now I’ll just get the right zoom commands to zoom into the selected midi part and this will be very good indeed!
Ty Stealth

Shift E…giddyup! :smiley:

Just revisiting this after being quite frustrated with Beat Designer not having an “always on top” option…it keeps falling in behind the arrange window!!!

I want to know WHY it does not have the “always on top” like the other plugins do???


If you have a trackpad, APP exposé is the solution! In Lion/ Mountain Lion you enable it this way:

System preferences/ Trackpad/ More gestures/ App Exposé (whipe down with three fingers.

It is the same as exposé, but only the open windows of the app that has focus. Works incredible well with Cubase!

I am coming from windows and I think this way of working is even superior to “the mouse”. Working on a Macbook pro and when I buy an Imac (one day…): no mouse, TRACKPAD!


Thanks for the info Hugo!