window layout - status line

in the window layout (upper right hand corner) drop-down menu one can untick the status, info and overview lines so that they don’t show.
I don’t want to see the status line (only containing info I don’t need, yet taking up space), but I can not permanently save that with the project. every time I save the project the line comes back and is there again when I re-load it.
Anyone has a solution? (it’s a small thing, but annoying nevertheless)

I would highly recommend always having it open, it is not (only) for info but gives you access to changing a bunch of stuff easier than using other tools.

why? I am not using it for audio, only MIDI work. but even if you were using it for audio, as far as I can see the status line only shows basic audio and project setup info that you wouldn’t necessarily need to access during a project anyway, and on laptops it’s important to have as much window space as possible

This is a bug, indeed.

Strange. AFAIK that is a global setting. You don’t save that with the project. If you untick ‘status line’ it remains hidden regardless of project. That’s how it is here. It works fine.

9.5.30 - same problem

also if uncheck Status LIne, then add new Instrument, Status line opened again