Window Layout

Is it possible for someone to post a link to a picture of what the cubase main page is supposed to look like after you get past the hub? I realize this is a strange request, but mine seems to be missing the drop down menus on top like you see in the tutorials and in my previous version of Cubase. I really appreciate any help I can get in this matter. Thanks for any help.

hope that works.

Thank you. Mine does not look like that. It’s just blank up top. I guess I have to try to uninstall it and re-install and see what happens.

Tom, are you using more than one monitor?

Sort of? But nothing shows up on the #2 monitor unti I drag it there. But yes.

I did’nt have the second monitor plugged in yet when I downloaded the Software, and tried it out he first few times. And it still looked like it does now.

Yeah, well that’s what I have to do as well, so that might be considered normal.
In the new features videos, it says that the Cubase windows can be used on multiple monitors, but I still have to move them there to begin with.

Have you tried adjusting the screen resolution?

I’m wondering if the top of the menu is up too high to be seen.

Once in a while a plugin window or Preference or Devices window is too big and I have to adjust the screen res in order to even see the bottom buttons like ‘Apply’, ‘OK’, ‘Cancel’.

Thanks! I’m going to try that. I am aware of the Aero thing as well. It’s a labor of love.