Window layouts and mixer sync

Morning still learning Nuendo 7 got a super annoying problem i have made lots of window configurations ie All audio Dialog Foley etc to show and hide when needed but every time i got to mixer its a different setup and changes randomly. ive made a quick screencast of it any help would be fantastic, loving Nuendo 7 lots to learn and i want to get away from PT and Avid lol

Check your MAIN WINDOW <> MIXER sync settings:

  • In your mixer, switch on your channel selector in SET UP WINDOW LAYOUT (in the upper left corner)
  • Click in the right part of the Visibility tab’s header (the pop-up help text says “Sync Track/Channel Visibility”), and select the window you’d like your mixer to be synced to

Niek/ Amsterdam

will check later ,i was looking for that cheers i new there was something like that

Window layouts are buggy and won’t save zoom settings unfortunately.

very buggy, sometimes its recalls a random layout and you have to enter the key command twice, lets hope its fixed in version 8 and a smart tool added too