Window madness

Can somebody explain to me what’s going on with the windows these days? They are now, by default, to big for my monitor, and they seem to resize on their own - for example, if I close and reopen, the project window size is different, or when I close and then reopen an audio editor window, it will often be too wide for the screen. I spend way too much time resizing windows. What is the issue, and is there any way to fix it?


Sorry you’re having trouble. I’m not sure what the root cause would be. I can tell you we ran into something like this in the past.

What worked here was a combination of templates and workspaces. We didn’t create them specifically to solve the window-size issue; we use a lot of project templates and workspaces in the normal course of business. It seemed to me that the behavior your discribing only happens if the windows aren’t “under direct adult supervision” (so to speak) :slight_smile:

If you save them as part of a template or a workspace; it appears that THOSE instructions seem to trump whatever other variable might be at work? Don’t know if that diagnosis is correct or not, but after we re-established our templates and workspaces; I’ve not had any of the difficulties you describe.

Hope this helps!


This is still happening - even with projects starting from a brand new template. It’s like the wiondows just want to exceed the space on my screen.

I can’t be sure but I tend to get this problem briefly on a new Cubase version and what I think WalterP is suggesting is saving your templte or Project right away. I think my problem goes away after a “Save as” which I do from the off on most of my Projects.
Is your “brand new template” one of your own or one of the supplied ones? If it’s a supplied one there could be anomalies built in there depending on what system the Template maker used to build it.
This problem also sounds like it could be connected to certain makes of graphics card and the way programmers need to address them which could also be caused by a limitation in the programming package they use to make Cubase.
One thing you could do is just check your graphics card settings if you can and see if anything obvious is there to set. Sometimes I find solutions (to my problems) in the most odd places.[keyword_search]=Multiple%20Monitor%20Support

Thanks Chris, but I am not using multiple monitors.

The OP didn’t mention multiple monitors (as he just responded)…I have the same problem as sometimes I open the audio editor & it opens for no apparent reason with a height of 3 or 4 screens! I have to scroll down & drag then scroll & drag repeatedly till it fits inside the screen. Certainly doesn’t do this every time but it often seems to open partially off screen no matter where it was on last opening.

Quite a pain when you only want to quickly tweak something in the sample editor & it takes longer to get the screen manageable than to make the edit!