Window Management

Steinberg implement better window management

  • Wavelab 7 type control
  • Old Version 4

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I’ve been using version 6 for about 2 months now, and the window management, or rather the lack thereof is quite annoying…is it just me? Even version 4 had better (quicker) tiling options…

…uuh in the meantime Cakewalk have set the new std in docking window management - SKYLIGHT… please Steinberg, improve the window management situation… :frowning:

How important is this functionality for other users?

If Halion 4 is anything to go by

I would say that they’re onto it :wink:

Halion 4 is very nice.
C6 is a great modern daw with ancient window management.

I, for one, would like to see an option to window the app like the VERY SAME app does on OSX, which works perfectly, IMO. There is some in between…where it is now versus where it is on the Mac…but, since it’s the same app, I’d think they could chalk the dev time up to bring a consistent UI or something…

+1 for some more work on the window management. A history or undo feature would be good because I’m always worried that I’m about to mess up a nice window setup somehow!


I use C6 on my Macbook as well - actually do not like the window management on Mac at all - IMO. Expose’ works fine for certain instances when jumping between application but sucks when moving from window to window within same app. - tiling is the key. Wl has implemented this on version 7, so why it was not done for C6, beats me…except to hope that a really great window manager is on the cards.

The annoying bit is that they could’ve left the old WM in for the meanwhile… grrr