Window on top and should not disappear when clicking outside it

It would be nice to have a feature that the mix console always stays on top and never disappears when clicking outside the mix console, it is very annoying when the mix console always disappears every time you clicking outside it and it slows the workflow down very much.
This feature should include all the mix consoles.

equally as annoying when opening the Edit Channel Settings for some eq’ing or other processing ; it drives me crazy every time, it’s such a waste of time that it disappears when we click anywhere outside the panel !

the Mixer is a seperate window
to change this back to a modal window (that could be held on top) would kill the worklow of millions of Cubase users

the way it is now makes it possible to handle the windows with OS commands

It just moves to the background… it doesn’t disappear…
To avoid such behaviour the bottom panel mixer was introduced…use this…

I think you understood something else, I’m not talking about the mixer (that I keep in the lower zone and that is indeed handy), I’m talking about when you press the “e”-like button on the track that opens the edit channel thing; that would not be a workflow killer to allow it to remain in the foreground when open, actually the opposite (especially when using the stock eq) as it would avoid needing to get it back from the background every time we click on an event or something else.
It could just be an option, and I don’t see any particular reason that it would override the mixer settings so it can only be a workflow improvement.

You said something else… Mixconsole=Mixer window

the “e” opens the channel edit window
right click in the panel and activate “keep on top”