Window Placement and Workspace Saving Flawed

Window Placement and Workspace Saving Flawed

Beitragvon ChrisPolus » Di Mär 08, 2016 5:44 pm
I think the way Nuendo handles windows on the Mac is flawed.

I have a 2 monitor setup. My main monitor is on the desk, my second monitor is on an arm above that because of my restricted space on the desk.

When I place Mixer, MediaBay, Pool, Video windows on my second (upper) monitor, I have to make sure none of them is moved to touch the edge of the screen. When one window touches the left or right edge and I save the Workspace, when recalling the workspace, the window is spawned on my first monitor again. It doesn’t save the position on the second monitor. When I only move the window 1px to the side so it doesn’t touch the edge of the screen, positions are saved correctly.

Second thing. I now changed the monitor setup a bit in that I moved where the 2 monitors touch. When I move up with the mouse and leave monitor 2, that the mouse appears actually closer on the upper monitor 2 to where it left monitor 1. A cosmetic change.

This should not have any effect on the saved workspace in my opinion. The position of a window should be saved like “monitor 2, X-pixel-offset, Y-pixel-offset”. But apparently this is not the case. Windows in a workspace are saved relativ to the main display. The effect of that is, that, because I moved the monitors a bit in the configuration, all windows now have the wrong position and are moved to the right. Some windows are half outside the view field now. Because it’s hard coded based on the first monitor. Not it’s position on the second monitor.

This is so annoying, all those little quirks. Maybe this could be improved in an update so the monitor and multi-monitor and workspace saving features work correctly without those small bugs.

Hey Chris,
I have a similar problem. I have a 3 monitor setup and windows never, ever get put back properly, despite me making workspace after workspace.
My setup is my iMac in the middle, with 1 screen (2560x1440) on either side.

Some windows seem to get hidden when a file is saved (the mixer window never appears when I reload a session)
Windows on the right monitor appear, but not in the right spot and usually jumbled together on the left edge of the screen,
Windows on the left monitor never seem to be put back at all.

I’ve found that if I do a setup, and ensure the same windows are at least open as they were in the workspace, a utility called ‘Moom’ can restore all the windows to the correct location using a snapshot.

One of the reasons I think Cubendo is due for a major UI overhaul/rethink. Adobe has got it fairly sorted, with sticky windows and window docking, and if all UI elements were scalable we wouldn’t be stuck with a UI setup were in some instances things just don’t work together due to different sizes (transport, automation panel etc)

Another one of my bugbears is the lack of customisable toolbars. In my gaming days I did a lot of work with 3ds max, and one of the nice things is that you could make a custom toolbar, throw on a bunch of icon shortcuts, text buttons or menus, and dock them pretty much anywhere you liked, either vertically or horizontally.

I do have Moom, didn’t know it worked with Nuendo’s windows. I think it should work in Nuendo though without the use of paid 3rd party tools :wink: But we’re on the same page on that I think.

I too think the time of hundreds of windows is over. I never liked interfaces like Photoshop back in the days that had a single separate window for every tool palette. You spent more time with constantly re arranging all the windows, palettes, tools when you wanted to work on different part of the image that it was a real burden. It’s like the devs had no concept for the UI and just left it to the user to find a way that worked for them.

Adobe did come around though and today Photoshop has the interface where you can dock your tools and the image is in the middle and all tools are always visible. I see a parallel to Nuendo here. There are all separate windows now and I now spend a lot of time arranging them, moving them, making workspaces and so on. Let’s see how this develops. This is definitely the time to do more than just a paint job, as I stated in another post. Nuendo 7 is just a paint job. It looks more modern, yes, but under the hood it’s the same base it’s built upon. And this base is getting really rusty and stands in the way of further progress in my opinion.

We got faster and faster with our tools. And once we mastered our tools and are really fast, we see what the things are that limit us next. Now that I’m fast here, this NEW thing is what’s holding me up. I could save more time if this was working like that… and so on. It’s iterative. But it would be nice to build Nuendo on a modern base and make it ready for a new step. Not knowing anything about the dev process or what the problem with VCA faders are, but why did it take so long, why is it still bugged in some way for some users? Why was there an update (.35) that didn’t fix VCA? Maybe, and this is just a theory, the base is old and complex and every thing is somehow connected to another thing that things like VCAs are just incredibly complicated to realize without destroying other stuff. You turn one parameter here, 10 others break. But this is just a theory.

Well Chris,

I think we’re on the same page regarding this.
The UI needs a rethink imho, with how it works and integrate more ‘modern’ ways of working.
I spent 10 hours+ a day in this program, so it doesn’t just need to look nice, it needs to work well.
Duendo has got a lot of things right, but is also severely lacking in user-friendliness compared to how our friends in the graphics department have it.

For example, I think the search in the plug-in window on inserts is great - but search should be system wide.
It’s not in the process window inside the sample editor, nor in the audio menu under process plug-in.
It’s not in preferences, yet the keyboard commands editor has it’s own version.

I’m also surprised that the Pool window doesn’t have a mediabay access button - that would be the first place I would expect one, since that is where you import your media to?

Color coding - we have it on tracks and parts, but weirdly enough not in the Pool?

I could go on and on…perhaps I should leave this for my newly found function as SB Solver? :wink:

I suspect the basic issue lies in the window management more so than workspace functionality. I have had to not run video full screen on monitor 2 because if I do ALT+TAB brings me back to it instead of previous window (from other apps or whatever). Incredibly frustrating, but it still pales in comparison to not getting a single comment on it by SB.

I guess they’re busy with other stuff :wink:. It’s a real bummer. I was such a hardcore Logic user and liked it but now I’m more and more shifting towards Nuendo. Just because of a handful of clever features Logic doesn’t have. It’s great but also a pain, because there are hundreds of little annoyances. Death by a thousand paper cuts. So many things could be improved with just some more polishing. Workspaces is just one. If you have to move your windows constantly when recalling a workspace, you’re going to hate it or not use this feature. Automation is also such a thing that somehow for me never shows you what you want or the way you want and you constantly configure your view and settings. It’s little things like this. If taken care of and thought through, Nuendo could be a joy to use. Instead of just a tool you have to use.

I guess this doesn’t have big priority at SB as there are bigger fish to fry. But I’d say it is THIS that is important. I’d pay for such an upgrade that makes me WANT to use Nuendo more and helps me save thousands of extra clicks per day.

I don’t know anything about SB’s priorities and inner workings…

…but I do agree, to the max, that Workspaces really need to be tightened up. They are pretty much there in concept, but on the execution side of things those “thousand paper cuts” (I like that!) are my biggest remaining personal issue. I’ve posted issue reports and complaints about Workspaces inconsistencies and problems for several years and over multiple versions. I know that “no response” doesn’t mean they’re not working on it, but… sigh.

Do I want a medal? Nope. But I sure would like Workspaces to live up to their potential!