Window position and size not saved

  1. Open a score, resize and place the program window to your liking, save the score and then close it.
  2. Open the score again. The window size and placement should be the same as before.
  3. Now just close the score without previously saving it.
  4. Open the score again, Dorico opens the score with the default size and position, and not the last used.

This is how it behaves on my system!
It means each time when I open a score just to look at something and then close it without saving because there is no need to, the next time I open the score the program window goes back to the default size and position resize and replace the window.

My question is: is it the way it should be?
Or shouldn’t Dorico always remember the last window size of a project undependently wether it has been saved or not?
BTW I work with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 therefore I do not use Dorico in full screen.

Is there a way to define the default size and position of Dorico?

There is indeed a problem whereby Dorico can “forget” the saved size and position of project windows, which is on our list to fix in due course. There is currently no way to specify what the default size and position of a project window should be except the option in Preferences for whether or not it should be maximised by default.

Ah, well I am glad it will be fixed.

Unfortunately with 1.2.10 Dorico still does not remember the window size :frowning:
Though this does not prevent one to work, this behaviour is quite annoying as it happens very often!

I didn’t say it would be fixed in Dorico 1.2.10: I said it would be fixed in due course. Sorry that we have not been able to fix every issue on our backlog in this release.

Yes of course you didn’t promise any date.
It’s ok.
It’s just that on my system when I open a project in more two thirds of cases I have to resize and re-position!
It’s really not funny any more :frowning:
I thought I found a kind of workout (saving the project again even if I did not edit anything) but this does not always work.
In fact this behaviour is quite unpredictable.

I am in the process of exporting all my scores from Finale to Dorico, this is why I very often have to work with both programs open side by side.
I can do this with my ultra wide screen monitor.

Well there is then nothing more to do than “Abwarten und Tee trinken” as they say in Germany (Wait and see).

Old thread, but it discusses what I am experiencing lately with D4.031 and Windows. When opening a project it remembers the saved size, but not the position of the window. The first page is always displayed. I don’t know if I changed a setting, or am I just imagining that the project used to always be opened at the last saved position?