Window Position Not Remembered?

In WL7, I always had my Global Analysis window - when active - on my second screen, in the Control Window area. Now if I want to do the same in WL8, the position is not remembered. So, I open it, move to where I want, analyze and close the window; and upon opening again it’s not in the previous place, but covering my wave view. This is driving me nuts! Is there a preference I missed?

I don’t have this problem here.
Verify that this file is written and updated (check the date) when the dialog closes. This file holds the position.
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\Cache\Window Config\GlobalAnalysis.dat

I don’t know what it was, but now it works! Must have been a crooked bit… :sunglasses:

I’ve many problems like this on OSX too…
I tried to figure it out what it could be…
It happens most when I’m using Level Meter on a Tab.
I’ve to maximize the window many times.

And the Window of the Background Processing doesn’t remember always the exact position of the tab…

Hope you understand PG…

In some kind of way after a week of use wavelab sometimes doesn’t remember my (floating) meters on the second screen. Re-opening doesn’t help and also the restore default layout doesn’t work. When I open the meters by hand again, they are floating in the size I saved then in but do not appear on the place in the second screen.
I’m running wl8 on win7 x64
This is driving me nuts since it is totally random.

Yes, sometimes it’s random… And I’m on OSX.

Hi PG, do you know of this issue on OSX?

I would need some more accurate description, and some picture too.

ok. I’ll try to send some pics later…

After another week of usage I see this thread again and realized that it didn’t happen again since this post. :nerd:
So in my case it looks like it is really at random and it looks like I can’t reproduce it (don’t know how at least) and so screenshots are really hard to make then.

We’ll see what it does during the next weeks. If anything happens again i’ll make a screenshot right away!

Here it are… Hope you could understand with my poor iPhone video…

PG, did you check the video?

The video is not very clear. Maybe comment it…

Sorry, I hadn’t comment it yet…
This issue wasn’t resolved in 8.02…

My resolution right now is 1344x756
And on Audio Files editing, with Master Section using more than 8 plugs it changes the Window position…

PG no news on this?

What I see in the video is not obvious (I mean, difficult to see a problem).
If you need to show and hide the meters regularly, I would advise you to use floating meters instead.

The Window changes is position when:

  • I use more inserts
  • Show/Hide the meters
  • Show/Hide the Dither
  • Sometimes when I press maximize window