Window size help? Urgent!

Having an issue that hopefully someone can help me with. Recently moved to a new house and get my studio space set up. Going through and making a few new templates, and I noticed that insure the channel control box when opened, there’s the space between the top bar, and the toggles for the channel strip/equalizer that is having an issue. There’s normally a row of things to adjust input/output among a few other things. Now, I can only see the very top of the boxes(luckily I know what is what), and I can barely click on them. I’ve gone through all the settings and setups, and can’t find anything to adjust it. It’s like the box itself shrunk but everything inside stayed the same size and now there’s not enough room for everything. The image file I have is too large to upload here and not sure how to show you what I mean :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


Open the Channel Settings Window (do I understand it’s about this window, right?), hold down Alt modifier and click to the Functions menu. Click to the Reset Window Layout.

Or Window > Windows > select Channel Settings Window from the list and click to the Reset Window Layout.

Once you reopen the Channel Settings Window, it should look OK.