Window size in VST connect performer

I would like to know if it is possible to display the entire Nuendo application on the main display (the big one) of connect performer in order to be able to work remotely on a mix with the musician?
On connect pro it works very well but I don’t see the same thing appear on performer?

In Nuendo VST Connect settings, choose desired window as video device.

I tried. On vst connect it’s perfect, I see my main screen which occupies the entire application, but never on the performer

What have you set for the Performers’ main view? See video settings, where you can assign screens to 3 destinations main, left bottom, and right bottom.

Ok. I just realized something. If I don’t have a video file on my project, I see the mixer window appear in full screen on connect performer. On the other hand, if I ever launch a video at the same time with Nuendo’s video player, I see the full screen video appear on performer. And smaller at the bottom the mixer window. Is there a way to just keep my main screen view even when playing a video?

The Performer views are arranged automatically. If a video is active, the main view shows the video, else it shows your video device (cam, or screenshare).

thank you. But it would be interesting to be able to choose. But otherwise performer works perfectly. Good job

Thank you. We had that option, but automated it to make it simpler.