Window size too large for 13" MacBook

Whenever I start a new project the window that opens is too wide for the 13" display at the standard 1280×800px resolution, and it’s offset like 30px from the left edge. It didn’t use to be that way before version 2.1, I think. What has changed? And can the window size be remembered somehow?

It has changed to accommodate some localisation changes for the Japanese-language version, but we will try to sort this out another way in a future update.

I have the opposite experience with my (new) 15" MacBook Pro, probably because the screen resolution is so (relatively) high.
I feel that the default window size is always rather small, even though the window is already at about 1920x960 pixels.

(Also, today I learned that screenshots are not downscaled and have 1.167x higher resolution than the physical display: 3360x2100 instead of 2880x1800)

Thijs, I personally have the preference set to automatically maximise new windows by default, and I suspect you might prefer that too.

Hi Daniel,
I didn’t know that was an option.
However, I did try that just now but without success (same resolution, tried with restarting my computer).

I guess Dorico is somehow being told that your screen is a different size than it really is. Can you attach a screenshot of the Display tab of the Displays pane of System Preferences?

It should be default settings:

Well, that looks pretty much the same as my own MacBook Pro, though I’m still on High Sierra rather than Mojave.

It’s not an issue, honestly! Thanks for taking the time.