Window "STAY OPEN !" frustration

Hello ! I have Cubase 11 PRO and TWO monitors. When I double click on a midi composition it opens at the bottom an edit window where I can edit/move/inserts notes. There is an arrow at the top right of this window that allows me to open it full screen which is perfect for me as I move such window to my second screen.
But if I delete any existing midi part in the main window (there are still some midi parts left) the edit window closes automatically which is quite frustrating.
Is there a way to always have the edit window open ? I would understand it closes when there is no more midi present but if there is still at least one part present I don’t understand why it closes.

Thank you very much.


Sorry, there is a bit chaos in the terminology in your post. So I will first make clear this:

  • MIDI Tracks are containers of the MIDI Parts.
  • MIDI Parts are containers of the MIDI Events.

Key Editor (same as List Editor, Drum Editor, Score Editor) are based on the MIDI Parts. They show data of the given MIDI Part. So if there is any MIDI Part available (the MIDI Part could be empty), you can open the editor of your choice. If you delete the given MIDI Part, the editor closes (doesn’t exist anymore, because there is no the MIDI Part and the editor is showing the MIDI data of the given MIDI Part not if the given MIDI track).

I hope, this clarified the situation for you.

Thank you very much. I so wish like in Ableton and Pro Tools the edit window would not close ! That could be something that could be checked in ‘options’. When you delete one event from the main screen and still have events within the same VST it just doesn’t make sense for me and I have to double click on the event again, click again on the arrow to maximize the screen then click again on the screen option in order to get rid of the editor at the bottom. That would speed up the workflow process if the window could stay open.


I guess you mean MIDI Part.

Set the preferences so it opens the Key Editor in the window, if you double-click the MIDI Part.