Window Z-order issue (on Windows)

If I have WaveLab running, and browse in WaveLab to a montage file whose audio files are now in a different directory, I get the dialogue for locating or replacing the files.

If I double-click on a montage file in explorer, this window comes up behind the main Wavelab window, and even selecting it from the taskbar fails to bring it to the front. This is the same whether or not WaveLab was running at the start.

This is using WaveLab 9.5.15 (for reasons); and if no one can reproduce it, then I’m prepared to blame Stardock’s Fences (which it would be a lot of pain to uninstall just to test this here - sorry).


Yes the same problem happens here with Elements 9.5.15 (double clicking the montage file in explorer, after association). The missing files window is behind.

It doesn’t happen with Pro 9.5.20, after association. Although it flashes for a split-second, the missing files window is forward.

But in Elements 9.5.15 I can pull the Missing Files window forward by hovering over the Elements icon in the taskbar and selecting the 2nd window, so I don’t know what’s different thats not allowing you to do that.