Windows 10 1803 Spring April update issues/solutions

Just wondering if anyone has updated already … it’s been pushed to one of my (non-audio) laptops already but I’m wondering whether it would be advisable to wait – I haven’t seen any Steinberg advisories yet but I’m assuming it’s best to hold off until product compatibility is announced.

[UPDATE] Here’s the latest (May 9th) from Steinberg: Windows 10 Redstone 4 compatibility.
Main fixes: run the eLicenser Control Center once as Administrator, and try uninstalling/reinstalling audio drivers.

Hi, Yes i got problem. Cubase 9.5 cant start. Problem with UR28M sound card. Driver “Preparing to install…” Thats all. I try reinstall but result not positive.
Looks some error with UR28M dspMixFx control panel. Software uninistall and Reinstall not help

I haven’t tried Cubase on an 1803 machine yet, but one problem with a laptop was that the graphics driver was no longer able to load. It turns out this was caused by a new security feature called “Core Isolation” being turned on, and there’s a bug in the GUI that does not allow you to turn it off!

Luckily I found this post:
How to Turn On or Off Core Isolation Memory Integrity in Windows 10

Once I had made the registry change to disable it and rebooted, the graphics driver loaded and worked perfectly. It might be worth a try in your case as it sounds like it’s a problem loading the UR28M’s driver.

Update: I’ve now got 1803 on my laptop running Cubase Artist 9.5 without issues so far, however the DVD drive would not work … same symptoms, the driver would not load, which is ironic considering optical disk drivers are from Microsoft. Disabling Core Isolation and rebooting fixed this issue as well.

Useful thread, I’ll sticky it for a while as the Windows 1803 update rolls out.

Updated to 1803 on Tuesday. No issues noted. I actually “feel” CB runs a bit faster (opening, closing, saving). In general, the PC feels a bit faster. No proof of the faster feeling.

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Updated to 1803 by a mistake today. Cubase wouldn’t start after the update. Had to completely remove the driver and tools for my UR 824 and then reinstall it, but after that both Cubase and the UR824 work fine (it seems). Had to go through the same process for my Korg Microkey keyboard.
There was also an issue with the eLicenser, but updating to the latest version fixed that also.
My UAD system (pcie cards) and iLok work fine.

After every Windows “feature” update, you need to run the eLicenser Control Center once “as Administrator”; updating to the latest version would have the same effect, and is never a bad thing.

The issue with various drivers is more worrying though; at least reinstalling the Steinberg drivers worked for you. I suspect there may be fun to be had with older audio drivers.

Updated to Windows 10 1803.

Had to reinstall the tools and drivers for the UR44 interface because of the “Preparing to install” message and run the eLicenser Control Center as administrator.

Apart from that it seems to be ok.

Updated to 1803. No issues apart from the usual “ELCC run as Admin”.

is there any news about Windows 10 build 1803, compatibility?

So far it works well (for me, at least), apart from the issues mentioned by me and others in this thread. Some plugins may need reauthorization after the update.

Here’s the latest (May 9th) from Steinberg: Windows 10 Redstone 4 compatibility

The latest Windows 10 update also known as Spring Creators Update is now available. As far as we can tell this update does not affect compatibility with Steinberg software and hardware. However, we’ll be back with you shortly with an official recommendation for the new update of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system

Updated. Not issues so far.

There appear to be some issues with the latest Windows 10 update to 1803, KB4103721

Windows 10 users may want to hold off on updating their PCs: The first cumulative patch for the Windows 10 April 2018 update is causing some PCs to enter a cycle of failed boots.

The bug in update KB4103721 was first reported by Microsoft forum users, only some of whom were affected. Microsoft added a note to the KB4103721 patch notes stating “select devices with Intel SSD 600p Series or Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series may repeatedly enter a UEFI screen after restart or stop working.”

I updated my Windows 10 Pro x64 today to version 1803 … when i trying to start Cubase 9.5 Pro this window is appear … It trying to start some installation and stuck on Initialing: VST Audio System. And nothing happens …

my setup:
Windows 10 Pro x64
Cubase 9.5.21 Pro
Steingerg UR22MK2
Nektar Panorama p6

I think it trying to install for some reason audio drivers for my Steingerg UR22MK2… I manually downloaded UR22mkII_Firmware_Updater_V104_win from… Trying to install it, but nothing happens… instalation is stuck like when i starting Cubase…

Thanks… I fixed my problem… I uninstalled Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, downloaded latest from , reboot Window… and problem is gone

I have to sort this after every Win 10 update.

First run Maintenance in Admin mode on the ELicenser then start Cubase in safe mode disabling Preferences, then re- assign the ASIO to the UR22. Once done, just close and restart in normal way. I have found that by using this method, I don’t have to touch the drivers.