Windows 10 (1803) update audio plugins BUG

Windows 10 64bit, Fall Creators (1803) users, be warned …

Had problems IMO due a recent (automatic) Windows (security?) Update. There’s something wrong after that: some audio plugins won’t load anymore. Also it seems changing which one loads, especially after a reinstalling a missing one it becomes active, and then another one won’t load after that. Might have to do with some graphic Visual Basic C+++ changes ?

I noticed this with Cubase 9.5.30 but other DAWs and Video programs seem to be affected too, revealed by searches on this problem.
Rumors and forums are just starting moaning about it, and some expert posters again blame microsoft screwing up; again a real misser it seems. I wonder if some ‘experts’ here are aware of this?

PS This free tool made by a brilliant Japanese feller, FLS-checker , showed i had enough free slots (in my case 94 or so) for dll audio plugins, but still some wouldn’t load. In my case it had nothing to do with Cubase’s ‘plugin sentinel’ …

I reverted back to an earlier boot disk image, from before this windows update, as the accused latest wouldn’t let windows uninstall and revert this one. Double checked Windows Update had been switched off in services. -F

UPDATE july 6th: As it seemed to be a GUI problem i figured as said it had to do with Visual Basics. Some plugin installers use older versions that overwrite the newer VBs probably. Reinstalling the newer ones fixed a lot. The ever on going Visual basic mess-up; why can’t microsoft just incorporate some internal Windows routine organizing that instead of the cumbersome ‘programs and features’ route.