Windows 10 2004

Got notification today.
does someone test with Cubase ?

Hi all.
I tested Cubase 10.5.20 and Wavelab 10.0.30 with Windows 10 2004.
No problem so far.

Will Steinberg offer some advice on this please ?

Works fine here too. No issues so far. I had to update Windows twice. First attempt failed with 0xc1900101 (driver issue). I unplugged all my music gear and the update was successfully. I have some pretty old USB controllers with old drivers… I had this issue before with other windows updates.

I also installed 2004. Only issue was in the BIOS on an Intel Chipset. It turned C States on, and I was having audio dropouts. Check your BIOS and make sure Core Parking is off (C States).

No problem here, my Gigabyte mb is running a recent dated January 2020 bios, all good here.

no issues so far in my experience …

I was just about to ask about this. Glad to see you guys posted the information. Thanks you. Im waiting for it to actually install as its currently saying my system’s are not compatible just yet. I wish Microsoft would actually say why and tell me what the problem is. Funny how some systems pass and others are queued while they fix the problems.

Just updated. The Windows installation itself went fine.
I got an eLicencer error message when opening Cubase (although it did open just fine) and then the Yamaha ASIO Driver also gave me a few funky messages.
Both problems were solved by installing the latest versions of LCC and the Yamaha driver.

After the upgrade I had to go thought the extra step of running eLicenser as Administrator, but other than that everything is fine.

I have an issue now with my Native Instruments M32 controller transport DAW control in Cubase/Nuendo/Ableton/Bitwig now not showing up or working. I have a lot of MIDI/audio interfaces and odd devices connected as well as 3 VR headsets, so something changed in my MIDI port setup that I cannot figure out how to fix…

Other than that issue, the new update seems to works great.

Probably nothing wrong. MS do a staged roll out to iron out any issues and the message is simply generic (albeit a tad misleading). They start with newer machine pools from what I understand and progressively move to other regions/machines as they find and fix any issues. This helps to minimize bugs causing major issues for lots of people (imagine being on the support line!). The theory is older hardware and drivers are likely to be more problematic.

The MS Insiders program is pretty extensive and finds a lot of issues before release but some are only found when several 100 million real users start running it!

If you wish you can obtain the update even though your machine says no. Just google how to obtain windows 10 2004 now, and you’ll find a windows update installer download thingy.

Personally I’m happy to wait for others to check it out first.

Using the update now, so far no issues. Scott is right though, it turns on C-States and Speedstep in the Bios. I had to go back in and turn it off. Pretty annoying.

But other than that, everything is working smoothly so far.

I’m justy i’m just doing an install of a different motherboard.
Luckily the first thing i tried to install was ccleaner and it failed.
It said it will not install that version so, what else will it not install ?
I’m going back to 1909.
I’ll try 2004 later

OMG!! I installed 2004 and now every time I shut down and start up again, I get a message saying, “Your device needs to be repaired. File: BCD” or something similar.

I managed to get back to my desktop through the repair tool but WTF is going on with Windows??? Are these developers on drugs???

No wonder real recording studios use MAC instead of Windows. Unbelievable!!!

I found the problem. The 2004 update changed my Boot Options to Windows Boot Manager. I switched it back to UEFI.


One question. Where exactly is the Core Parking located in the BIOS settings? I don’t see it anywhere. Thanks.

Since mothermoards are different you should refer to your manual one would think.

Hi RobW,
Cheers for the reply. I actually tried to install it through the Windows Upgrade Assistant be it ran into problems and Blue Screened several times. Luckily it diagnosed itself and uninstalled what changes it had made and returned me to the version i had. Looks like im one of the lucky ones with a hardware issue in the new version that it did not like so will have to wait for them to sort if out and install normally.


Like someone else on here, the 2004 update changed my bios / uefi settings back to default. Thankfully Scan / 3xs (who built the machine) saved their tweaks to a profile so it was easy getting them back. Wouldn’t have checked had I not read about it here though…