Windows 10 and Cubase 8

My experience with Windows 10 after previously updating everything (drivers, eLicenser, iLok,…):

Cubase 8.0.30 (32 bits) launches normally and quicker than in Windows 7.
Cubase 7.5.30 (32 bits) launches normally and quicker than in Windows 7
Cubase 8.0.30 (64 bits) hangs during launching process when trying to load 32 bits plugins.

Cubase 8.0.30 (32 bits) can’t open any of my projects. In some occasions the problems appears when loading a Halion 4 instrument. Other times Cubase stops when loading a track or a Group. Too many variables to analyze.

Surprisingly Cubase 7.5.30 (32 bits) opens all my projects without any issue. For some reason I thought that an older versión as 7.5.30 is supposed to have more compatibility problems with the new OS tan 8.0.30, but I was wrong.

Conclusion: I sadly went back to Windows 7. All the problems have disappeared.

try updating all your software for all your dongles

Cubase V8.0.30 on W10. Purring away nicely.
Steinberg UR22. No problems.
QuickTime V7.76.80.95. Playing back Videos in Cubase
with no problems.
All 3rd party software working fine.

It seems (possibly) that there might be other factors going on,
(with some folks having problems on W10), that is causing a combination
of conflicts and Cubase not working as should.
IE: Motherboards, Graphics Cards, Audio Interfaces, etc.

But who knows?. We sure do live in a world of mystic and trickery when
working with DAW’s.
I hope you can get to the bottom of your problem.

32bit plug-ins in a 64bit daw is a bad idea, the bridge was only designed to bridge the gap between the computer worlds change to 64bit. Even phoneOS run 64bit nowadays, I think it’s time to ditch the 32bit plugins for good and embrace the Now.

Mbr: I updated my software dongles before installing W10 and just after doing it.

Devonmyles and peakae: sure you’re right but what surprises and disturbs me is that Cubase 7.5.30 works perfectly under W10 and all my 32-bit plugins are recognized by Cubase 8.0.30 64 bits under Windows 7. I might be completely wrong but in my opinion and in my particular case, the poor performance of Cubase 8.0.30 under Windows 10 is undeniable. Dongles, drivers, hardware, 32 bits plugins… they might be the culprits, but all of them perfectly performs with Cubase 7.5.30 and W10.

Anyway, thank you very much to you three for your help and suggestions.

Ok then I understand why you rolled back. I have to say it’s working great here, even old projects from the sx3 days load up without any problems, besides the obvious missing plugins.

Been working great here since W10 came out…opens all files, too. Try updating you video driver on W10 x64!

Thank you musicbeat but I also updated the video driver before instaling W10. I guess I should do a W10 and Cubase fresh installation but I’m too lazy.

By the way peakae I’ve got at home another PC running Windows 8.1 and Cubase 8.0.30 (64 bits) and all the 32 bits plugins are recognized. I’ll update to W10 and see what happens.

If you want a stable ,trouble free DAW then as someone already;

Get rid of your 32 bit plugins.

Seriously, the bridge was just to help people transition over at the time.

On windows 10 here with Cubase 8 x64 and everything works flawlessly. I really don’t think there’s any plugin now that’s only 32 bit that can’t be replaced. And ask yourself; if a plugin hasn’t been updated to x64 by now that’s not a good sign. Either the Developers are no longer in business or they’ve abandoned it, neither scenarios are good for your DAW in the future.


I had to completely uninstall the video driver (rebooting etc.) and reinstall the latest one after updating to W10 in order to get my 2nd monitor working again. I would also suggest trying a different video card as one of the main differences between C7 and C8 seems to be offloading the graphics rendering. I may be wrong, but I have the impression that there are more difficulties being reported regarding NVidia than AMD. Using a basic AMD here and have had no other problems since the upgrade (I’ve also been using only 64-bit everything for the past few years).

In fact I hadn’t any problem with my two monitors so I didn’t update the video driver after W10 installation.

As I mention in a previous email I’ve tried to update to W10 my AOI home computer (DELL XPS 2720), just to verify how Cubase 8.0.30 would perform. Well, the experience has been a disaster. After various error code messages when trying to download the update, finally W10 downloaded and started the installation. Unfortunately a new problem happened (error code 80073BB92 – 20009). According to MS the problem is due to bad driver o corrupt files. No more clues. Nevertheless many users having the same problem have discovered that all of them have in their computer two HD, one of them a SSD cloned from the original mechanical HD, still in the computer. Disconnecting this one they have succeeded to upgrade. My problem is that to disconnect a HD inside an AOI is much more complicated than on a “normal” PC, so I’ve given up.

What the hell do I need W10 if Cubase 8.0.30 (64 bits) works perfectly in W8.1? Why this obsession to upgrade?

Exactly. There is no need to upgrade if you don’t have to. Some people have said they feel Cubase 8.0.30 x64 performs better, but it would probably perform better if they just reinstalled their existing OS as well.

Prior to upgrading I cloned my existing HDD to a new SDD, updated everything (OS and applications) to the newest versions available and made sure everything was working properly. My fallback is the orginal Windows 7x64 on the HDD.

After the upgrade to Windows 10, you must run eLicenser “as Administrator” and allow it to repair itself.

Due to the problem described earlier in trying to get my second monitor to work again, I uninstalled and re-installed the graphics driver, but apart from that, I’m amazed at how smoothly it went and I won’t be going back. Even my Midex 8 is working perfectly!

In my experience…Win 10 Pro sucks big time.

Cubase 8 works but there were so many small and big issues even with a full driver update and OS configuration that after a week of fixing it, I decide to move back to Win 7.

Win 7 is rock solid for me.

Maybe I’ll try it again in 6 months.


I’m glad not to be alone. On the other hand I admire your perseverance to have been fighting against “the system” for a week. I went back to W7 after two or three hours only. Not being able to open my own recent projects in W10/Cubase 8.0.30 was too frustrating and time consuming.

I’m quite convinced that the new Cubase future version will be much better adapted to W10 and my projects will open as they did in W10/Cubase 7.5.30.

Prior to OS upgrade I was worried but - Two systems (HP workstation and Thinkpad workstation) from 8.1 to 10. Perfect upgrade and Cubase 8.03 fine.

exactly the same problem to me ,
windows 10 clean instal with all driver updated

I am tired .

Lets wait for Cubase 9, I’m sure all will work perfectly then. It is only 8 months away.
Steinberg has good plans:

it’s a joke ?
wait 8 mouths for use a product I have bought 500 euro ?

I had similar issues with Windows 10 and Audio Latency and after much tweaking I isolated the problem down to my Graphics Card. Quite simply when I disabled the graphics card driver in Device Manager no latency, so I changed my NVidia GeForce card for an Asus Radeon and bingo zero problem.

Worth checking out if all else fails.