Windows 10 and Cubase

Hi Everyone :smiley:

Quick question,
I am about to ask a good friend of mine, that works in the computer industry,too build me a custom PC,with WIndows 10 on it.
This will be for music production ,and will eventually replace my 9 year old Windows 7 PC.

Just wondering,anything to watch out for with WIndows 10, and Cubase?

Of course I will keep my old PC running,till everything is installed on the new PC,libraries etc,etc, and checking everything is working well.

any advice is appreciated :smiley:

I’d recommend that your friend take a look at a couple of the sites that specifically build DAWs. Take note of what components they are currently using. Why? Those folks spend time testing components to see if they are prone to causing ‘issues’ related to real-time audio processing (which is quite different that a general use PC) before they include those components in their standard builds.

Nothing is guaranteed but at least you know someone who makes a living building DAWs thinks specific components are well suited to the task.

Thanks for your help raino,appreciated