Windows 10 and Midi API (Multiple apps with 1 Midi device)

My english is not that good so i prefer to copy something that explain the problem more clearly :
“What is common behavior on Windows is that two applications can’t use the same MIDI ports at once, and what’s also common behavior is that a DAW will lock up all of the MIDI ports making it impossible for another application to do anything with MIDI.”

Iam on Windows 8.1 and since now i have mostly been able to get around this problem with Midi-Ox and LoopBe30, but sometimes i still get conflict with midi communication hardware.

Yesterday i read that Windows 10 have a new internal system operation for midi :
MIDI API - also available across all Windows 10 devices - this new API allows multi-client access to single MIDI hardware, new jitter-free operation, plus other bug fixes - we hope they embrace the RTP MIDI (over the network too)”
Iam not sure if it’s meens that Microsoft solved the problem or if it’s something else.
Does someone tried it on Windows 10 ?


The new MIDI API on Win10 sounds great, but software needs to get updated to support it, so at the moment it doesn’t do anything for Cubase. Hopefully soon.

So it meens that the tool is here in Windows, and now it’s just software developper like Cubase and others that need to incorporate it in their soft.

Ok, thank you, lets wait, hope really soon :wink: