Windows 10 and Waves, Eucon

I’ve just installed Windows 10. It’s really, really good. Looks great and is a lot snappier than 8.1. Good job all round.

Two problems:

  1. the latest Waves installation causes Nuendo to hang on start up

  2. Eucon (3.3.1) causes my mouse to become sluggish.

Uninstalling Waves and Eucon = no problems.

Anyone else having the same problems?


Waves has been sorted.

Anyone having problems with Eucon 3.3.1 and mouse behavior?


After some searching I discovered that Eucon 3.3.2 fixed these issues, but they pulled the release because of panning issues. So, for anyone experiencing the same problems we’ll have to wait until Avid release a fixed version of 3.3.2