Windows 10 announced!

I read just fine thank you, doesn’t change anything, countless others are asking the same question, and MS has said more info will be released later.

Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade for qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices. If you take advantage of the free upgrade offer to get Windows 10 and subsequently wish to clean re-install Windows 10 - it will be possible to do so AFTER upgrading to Windows 10 - without having to purchase Windows 10 or having to go back to the prior version of Windows that you upgraded from.

I get a different answer than what you are saying :unamused:

swamptone is on the same page as me :sunglasses:

ok gang I will stick it on a tower and a laptop But the studio pc is always off line any ideas. you know once you start on the studio even if the on line stuff is ok the off line registration etc can be a bit messy :wink:

Only concern I have with win10 Home is that driver updates gets installed along the usual security updates. And there is no way to disable that except buying the Pro version. Of course if the computer is not on the Net, it can’t update, that would be another solution. Driver updates are IMHO a little scary on a DAW that is running flawless.

Wow, thanks for pointing this out. Wonder what MS was thinking when they differentiated that … only the people who are smart enough to buy the Pro version can be trusted to know when the situation is right to not update drivers???

They don’t want a repeat of the situation where people chose to stay on XP after Windows 8 was released. Home users won’t get the choice in future.


A bit invasive, or overly paternalistic at least, it seems to me.

It’s not all bad, up to date drivers are a good thing, if they are carefully tested before release. I’m going for the Home version, if things blow up I can always upgrade. I am going to report back how win10 and Cubase8 behave. Hopefully other early adopters will do the same.

This is an interesting point about Windows automatically updating device drivers. If I understand correctly, OSX did this also, but, since Apple controls it all, they can make sure the drivers are not going to cause problems before they are released and installed to the OS. With WIndows, I wonder if these automatic driver updates are controlled and released by MS or by the third parties that develop them. It seems like a REALLY bad policy to give third parties the ability to AUTOMATICALLY install drivers on users systems. I could really see that getting abused and causing many problems.

A good example is the Adobe updates. I think Flash is the one where I have to make sure, when I allow it to update, that it doesn’t install the Google Toolbar and change my default browser and search settings. Imagine if the users lost control of these things. I guess I am mixing up software updates and driver updates here though. Anyway, just something to think about.

It’s Windows Updates, which rarely brings down device drivers unless the manufacturer has submitted them to Microsoft. The problem is that Windows Updates brings down a lot more than just drivers. How about an “update” that reminds you to pay your monthly tax to Microsoft?

The manufacturers submit them to MS, but MS certifies them for use with the update service. Fortunately that means they don’t do the full manufacturers install, but just the components typically used, so not any bloatware, though you may not always need all the parts loaded, like 3D drivers or PhysX for your video card. You won’t get all the typically resource hungry utilities that manufacturers like to add to their direct latest-and-greatest driver downloads.

The update service is not geared towards anything that requires user input, which means that you won’t get those sneaky opt-out checkboxes that you have to be super-vigilant for. That also means that you will not be automatically opted in either, as that sneaky stuff is not included at all.

Sounds interesting but I’d never go for a Home version on a DAW.

My window 7 music station will be uppgraded to windows 10 in a few days. Is Cubase 8 ready for it?

You will find out in a few day :slight_smile:
Steinberg have made it clear that they will start testing when the official release of win10 is out. To many things can still change. I have a few other computers that I’m updating before my music PC. But making a disk image and a complete backup is a must IMHO.

Why would anyone who has a question about whether the Windows 10 update would affect how their Cubase installation works, permit the upgrade to happen to their system on the first day it becomes available?

But it will not upgrade on its own, just to be clear.

I’m an idiot. I knew the risks and even then, I continued.

Just after starting W10, I went to check how Cubase would run but, unfortunately, eLicenser has some compatibility issues and won’t work. Tried reinstalling (and cleaning registry after) with no luck…

Now I have a decent preview OS but I’m almost sure eLicenser will only update their software to be compatible with W10 only when it officialy releases…

I’m sad, frustrated and angry about myself…


Edit: Pheeew, I fixed it by installing a previous version of the control center. Testing begins!

a few weeks ago Windows 7 mysteriously put an icon on my taskbar suggesting that i try Windows 10 for free.

just wondering if anyone has been using it with Cubase and what results you have found.



Win 8 is perfectly fine (as is Win 7 for that matter bar the Aero issue with C8).

The only thing I have found with Win 8 is that you really need to be an administrator to do anything.

I have had crashes on non admin accounts for very simple things so for audio, Win 7 is fine (Win 8 works well also but DAW work may be best on Win 7 again bar the Aero issue with C8).

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Windows 8? Damned.:stuck_out_tongue: (for my taste at least) - win 10 might be the next one for me if i dont stick with 7;)

Cubase runs quite well on the latest W10 preview. So does NI stuff from what I have tried.

Waves plugins don’t perform very well. Everytime I bring up some of their plugins user interface, asio load goes up the roof for a few seconds with dropouts and stutters. Then its fine after closing the plugin interface.