Windows 10 - audio drops, more CPU ?


Today I update from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I open few projects and they consume more CPU power (30% more I think). What is going on ? I update to have more resuorces, not less ! Maybe there are some Windows 10 tweaks for audio ? Please share your experiences…

Have you checked for driver updates for your audio hardware?

Even if no update I would uninstall and reinstall the current driver.

Hi Grim,

Thank you for advice. I’v reinstall RME drivers. Still CPU hog on Cubase 8 Pro (64 bit). I’m afraid Windows 10 is not ready yet for professional audio production. PCI latency shows now about 1000 points ! On Windows 7 it was about 90. I have problems with iLok 2 also. So I think to revert to Windows 7.

I’m backing to the future…errr…Windows 7

I assume you mean DPC latency…and maybe you are using the DPC latency checker?

Only Resplendence LatencyMon is giving correct readings in W10.

Yes. dpc latency checker.

Well I have work to do so i back to win7 for now.

That would explain your high reading.
Probably you would find similar dpc to before tested with LatencyMon.

FWIW I also rolled back the same day I first updated because of problems but I had some spare time a few weeks later and on 2nd attempt everything worked very smoothly. Hopefully you’ll also have more luck next time.

Updated your System Drivers ? Mainboard, chipset, usb and so on.
Especially usb Drivers can cause high latency. I’m working on win10 since 6 weeks - no problems

Thank you. Good point. I thought Windows 10 updated them self online.