Windows 10 Compatibility (New 1909 Update)

I’m running Cubase 10.5 stable on Windows 10, Update 1903 that’s been out for a little while. I noticed in my Update setting that Update 1909 is queued up, wanting to install. I have it parked. Has anyone done the update yet?

If not, I may clone my C drive, then update and test, and revert if it goes wonky. Just can’t do that until Mid-December after a business trip. Was hoping someone took the plunge, lol.

I installed 1909 last week. No problems that I have noticed but I have C10, not C10.5.

No problems here. Everything working fine.

No difference here from 1903 to 1909, all is fine.

I am having bad probs !!
nor certain if its windows or some other crap but ever since I installed windows update I am maxing my cpu to 100%
I will test again using the last version of Cubase 10 and see .
what I have done is .
a fresh install of the E licence software… no change although it crashed itself twice before it installed and confirmed licences .
checked for background apps running …. none that are taxing my cpu.

watching my task manager while booting Cubase 10.5 … all is fine until I open a project …… boom 100 % cpu then frozen…
this started today… after restarting from windows update…

No difference between 1903 and 1909 here.

I updated and for some reason my eLicencer was wiped, which mean’t I was unable to use any version of Cubase. Luckily I noticed I was not using the latest version, which I then downloaded and solved the problem after doing the maintenance routine. Other than that no issues.

No issue with the Windows 10 1909 update & CB 10.5 here.

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