Windows 10 Cubase 7 Fail - Now what?

I recently did a Windows 10, 64 bit fresh install on my music computer.
I have Komplete 8 and other music programs installed and working well.
Cubase ran great under Windows 7!

I inserted the Cubase disc and the installation started then I got not the BSOD
but another screen that not all is well.

Fortunately I did a manual restore point. So now I just restored to before the
installation attempt. First time I ever used Windows restore so I am a bit nervous.

Please make suggestions about what to do and what to avoid doing.

Yes I did a Forum search but this forum would not give me the results
as the search term “windows 10” is too common.

Do you have updatet Windows 10 with all the latest microsoft patches?

I believe that Windows 10 updates automatically.
Is there a particular patch that I should have?

Yes, Microsoft has released a patch, which made cubase compatible to windows 10.



Thanks or all the help.

I unplugged all my USB gear and Cubase 7 installed
with several issues which were probably my fault.

Having issues with Version 7.5. It states it is installed but it is not.
My name does not appear anywhere like it use to.

Elicanser Maintanance gave me the OK.

This has been a nightmare. Hours upon hours trying to get
Cubase to work. Cubase 7 seems to work but no 7.5. and
no Padshop Pro. All was well under Windows 7.

One issue was resolved by opening Cubase 7 as an administrator.

Is there a number to call or help?

I have the USB elicenser. Is there a need to also have a
soft-elicenser? I do not have the soft-elicenser. Could this be the

Ooops. On the eLicenser Control Center (eLC version
I shows that I have a soft eLicenser and the lists the serial number.

Let me try again for help.

Cubase 7 seems to be working fine.
My name does not appear on the program.
I have spent 20 hours trying to get V7.5 to install.
The eLC is the most current version.
The Dongle is in place.
The eLC Maintenance gives the OK to all.
I have entered all the numbers correctly.

Windows 10 is a fresh install. All my other programs work ok.
When I had windows 7 Cubase 7.5 and PadShop pro worked great!

Please help.

I spent close to 30 hours to get Cubase 7 and 7.5 to work and to register it. Made 15 atemelts to download the complete Cubase 7.5. At the 20 hour mark a week ago I asked Steinberg for a telephone help. Just a few minutes ago I received a reply.

I’m sorry but Cubase 7.5 is not compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. The last supported operating system for Cubase 7.5 was Windows 8/8.1:

I recommend you look into purchasing an upgrade to Cubase Pro 8 which is supported on Windows 10 with the latest Windows 10 system updates:

The thing is that I now have both of them working but I believe that they are not registered as my name or my license number does not appear anywhere.

I am still getting the “soft eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly
Please run LCC to fix this problem.”

Tried to “register now” in Cubase 7.5 and got error code 1003.

On the Online Sync and Maintenance all items are OK. All my registration numbers are correct. The dongle is plugged in.

So is anyone else having these problems? Is anyone running Cubase 7 or 7.5 in Windows 10, 64 bit? I have no plans to upgrade to Cubase 8. I do not need the new features so why spend $100.

The best option is to sell my Cubase but will hate to have someone else stuck with the Windows 10 compatibility issues.

Ok I changed my mind and now seriously considering spending the $100 and buying Cubase 8. I am still however wondering since Cubase 7.5 seems to be working ok, though I have not tested everything can I go on using it? Is it now considered a demo version or a something worse a self self-destruct version. I am still getting messages as stated in the above post.

I started a new thread to help me decide if it is safe to get Cubase 8 for my current Window 10 set up. “Is it safe”? “Is it safe”? (from the Marathon Man)

Cubase 8 is enormously nicer and better than 7.5 (and that was cool too) so I’d say go for it. Yes upgrade. Too bad about all those hours wasted.

I did not like Windows 8.1 for audio though. My laptop would always decide to, you know, start enumerating and checking all windows system 32 dll’s during a critical piano solo. So I went back to Windows 7. I hope Windows 10 is more behaved.

I feel absolutely terrible that I wasted all those hours and not totally resolve the issues. If I waste an hour I go berserk. As far as I know that if I get Cabase 8, I may again have to do hours of troubleshooting. There is no refunds offered. Steinberg Support really let me down. I would take the chance on V8 but I am still very bitter about this debacle.

Does Stienberg ever have a black Friday or any type of of sale? Maybe sell V7.5 or wait for V9. Or keep 7.5 and hope the issues do not interfere with music making.