[Windows 10]Cubase 7 'sometimes' Messes Up My PC Audio/Performance When Launched

When I launch Cubase 7, my audio driver seems to be messed up, sound not only in Cubase itself but on my pc suddenly becomes choppy and making clipping-like noises, and it also seems to slow my pc significantly. I just yesterday experienced a bsod, which according to the code is likely a driver issue, which ofc I suspect may be related to this. All of these problems have never occurred until somewhat recently (a month or so), and I have not been able to fix it through reinstalling my audio drivers, interface driver, etc. (On a side note though switching between my interface and realtek seem to have no change, it only ceases when I close Cubase) Also, looking at task manager when this happens doesn’t seem to give any info, I don’t see anything spiking significantly, though the performance load meter in Cubase almost continuously spikes when this happens.

If anyone would know how to help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Steinberg UR22
i7 3820 3.6 Ghz
8 gb ram
gtx 660 ti
2 tb hdd

Have you tried increasing the latency in Device Setup?

BTW note that running Cubase 7 on Windows 10 isn’t officially supported (only Cubase 8 and above). Oddities like this can happen due to the changes Microsoft made (and continues making) to the OS.