Windows 10 - Cubase 8

I would be very impressed with company, which would post daily updates of development in situation as is now with Windows 10 and Cubase/Nuendo. I don’t mean long full reports, but kind of short messages, like, “we contacted Microsoft today, and some code was written”. And then the next day “busy day today, we are localizing the problem”. And then the next day “we got reply from MS, it is clear what the problem is, we will fix it”. And so on. Would anybody not like this? Would anybody not be impressed by such company?

I would be impressed also. But I don’t know any companies that do this.

Even if they did, the value of messages from them saying “no news today” is less than the value of the effort it would take to read them.

To my knowledge, they have given more information than other DAW makers have, and this satisfies me personally, also, I and several others are running Cubase on Win 10 with a minimum of issues. Of course, I’m biased toward Steinberg, so take that with the grain of salt needed.

This topic has been done to death in the other thread that I closed earlier today, and I reposted Ed Doll’s message about it in the final post of that thread.

So sorry, but I’ll close this one too.