Windows 10 Cubase Window Settings

I just bought 10.5 PRO with the sweet 40% discount for $119, coming off of Pro 9. Very great deal.

So… 9 did this and so does 10.5. It has what I feel is sort of a weird behaviour on window sizing. When I launch I have the title bar with file/edit/project etc that spans the top of my right monitor ( i have 2 monitors) and then i can see my desktop nd stuff behidn it.

Is there a way to turn that off and just have it behave like version 8 used to where it just one one window? It’s just weird for me.


No, the Cubase window frame is not in anymore. But if you double-click Cubase menu header, you get Cubase background, so you don’t see your desktop anymore.

Ok, thanks. I will just learn to deal with it. It is just odd to have it behave like that.

Do we know the main intent of having it being such a “windowed” thing as it is? It started in version 9 as I cannot remember version 8 being such this way. You cannot really make it span both monitors, it just ends up being this “window behind a window” kind of thing. I see double clicking it does make my main desktop disappear but then there is nothing on the “Cubase backgroudn”. It just feels weird the way it behaves.


I would say, some PO decided for this… Myself, I’m really glad for this change. the old style always made me crazy on Windows. So inflexible.