Windows 10 does not see all 6 inputs of UR44C

I have been using this interface with Cakewalk for a couple of years and it all works great. Now, I am trying to record some old cassettes before I dump them and am using Adobe Audition. I hear the audio in my monitors but Audition does not hear anything. My input choices are Steinberg Line 1 and Line 2. Where are my other 4 inputs? In Windows sound properties (recording), it only shows Steinberg UR44C.

Shouldn’t I see all 6 inputs?

Windows only handles stereo

See page 8 in the UR44C Operational Manual.
The DSP mixer (DspMixFx UR-C software) allows you to mix up to six input channels down to one stereo output

I’m sure Audition can use ASIO as alternate driver model.
The ASIO driver provides different routing options.