Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - Cubase et al

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will start it’s roll out from tomorrow (17 Oct 2017) and Steinberg have advised users not to update until all their products have been fully tested for compatability.

So, users should turn off automatic updates.
However, Windows 10 Home users (like me) will have to ‘manually’ change some settings to stop the automatic updates …

I used one of the methods shown here … (via services.msc)



It works fine, it’s save to update.

Do you know if that includes Halion 6 and the e-licenser?


I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d be really surprised if Cubase had issues with the Fall Creators Update. Having said that, it may be best if your production critical machine delayed the update until Steinberg gave it the green light.
If you are going to update, backup your working system beforehand (not just the data, but the whole system). You’ll be pleased you did.

Elicenser works fine, i don’t see why H6 wouldn’t.

I’m always wary of ‘major’ OS updates having seen the problems caused for other users.
I’m going to disable auto’ updates until I see how it affects (or doesn’t affect) other users.

Thank you guys for the input!

Happy Cubasing!

update and running latest Cubase version + eLicencser, Ilok. No problems
Tip for users to uninstall the elicenser from your Devices and Drivers before installing the latest version download. At least that was the issue last creators update. Then restart, unplug + replug your dongle.


Copy of what I just posted in the Steinberg Lounge:

For info only…
I am reporting that I updated to Win 10 Fall Release (1709) this morning. No issues with the (4) projects I am working. Each project has approximately (6) instrument tracks and (8) audio tracks. The instrument tracks have (1) VSTi inserted on each and the audio tracks have (1) to (3) VST effects inserted. The main stereo out has (1) VST inserted. Mucho automation on all tracks. I worked a couple of hours on each project and no issues have been noted. Cubase has been running continuously for approx (8) hours. Fingers crossed for continued no issues. Could be my imagination but all feels snappier (probably not though).

I’m sure your mileage will vary. This is for my home studio. Also… the update took (30) minutes on my studio PC. It is taking much longer on my non-studio related laptop that is running with 4g ram and an Intel Core I5 processor. So far almost (90) minutes and it is still not complete. The actual download time was very fast on both but the install time is what is taking longer on the laptop.

Regards :sunglasses:

as I mentioned before…

I don’t see the problem, make a disk image of the OS drive once a week and keep 4 or 5 images.
If a update does cause problems, it’s easy to get back. This can all be automated.
I have not had any problems with win10 updates, and just let it update. I can always roll back, so that’s one thing I don’t worry about.

I’ve had to reinstall Steinberg UR drivers and Reregister my XLN audio and spectrasonics stuff


Thanks for the input.


I updated last night. The first 66% of the update whizzed through in about 10 minutes, and then it crawled and finished up taking well over 2 hours. Not sure what caused the slowdown.
Running eLicenser threw up an error so I reinstalled and then all was fine. iLok was fine. I had moved all my Waves plugin licenses to the cloud beforehand, and moved them back afterwards without any problem.
I have only loaded a couple of projects to this point, but Cubase is running well, plugins all seem to be good so far, as is Halion 6.
I have not come across any other driver problems yet.

Thanks for posting that.

To not mislead users who may run into problems using Cubase after updating, probably best to not post such blanket/definitive statements until Steinberg releases the results of its testing.

That is so, but many users will get the update with Windows 10 automaticly and did not turn it off.
I can tell all systems work after the update, and that is good to know.
C9, H6, GR4 and WL9 all work…
Sure we will wait until steinberg says so, bu my comp did an automatic update, so i had no control over it.
just good to know users having the update, that they did not have problems…

Yup, user reports are great. Just wouldn’t want someone to read the “It’s safe” comment by one user and think that means Steinberg has finished it’s testing. They (Steinberg) did recommend not downloading the latest W10 on “must run” systems, which I took to mean that if your rent payments depend on Steinberg products working correctly, they recommend you don’t download it. Until Steinberg clears it, the bold users are paving the way for the rest of us!

Windows 10 Fall update worked OK first time for me today on all 6 of my machines - all were 1-2 hours elapsed time, and working just fine even on some quite slow/old laptops. It maybe my imagination, but general perceived performance feels a bit slipperier. Certainly some audio glitching under load, previously experienced on 3 of the the older machines with on-board audio, has been miraculously cured!

Subsequent eLicenser permissions error messages experienced during the initial Cubase program load phase were quickly cured by uninstalling the existing eLicenser version and downloading and installing the latest version from the Steinberg support site. (Even though I got reported errors, Cubase still seemed to load an play existing arrangements fine)

so far so good…

Hmmmmm…stand-by for a diagnosis of what Windows 10 Fall update has done to stop my MOTU Midi Express 128 Professional MIDI USB Interface from being recognised.

Update: I was using MOTU MIDI Installer v4.0.5.7483 (Release Date 2013-05-01) After the Creator Fall Windows update I found that all 8 MIDI in front-panel lights were permanently on. After a reboot, they had gone out (the green ‘Computer I/O’ light stayed on all the time), but Cubase couldn’t see the MIDI ports as being available.

So I uninstalled the MOTU drivers, rebooted and re-installed the same version, and all seems well again. Weird/annoying, but at least we don’t need to worry that the MOTU web-site only says these drivers work on Win7 and 8. They are working now on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) version 1709 OS Build 16299.19 without any need for (re)configuration or manual tweaks.

Also, my Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (via Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI firewire adaptor) is also working fine with the new Windows version, with no need for re-installs, re-configuration or manual workarounds either.

I updated yesterday. Here my problems:

ilok - My system could not see the key anymore. Only a clean install solved the problem.
XLN online (Addictive drums and keys) - I had to register again my computer
Focsurite control (Scarlett 18i8) - Reinstalled the driver and everything back to normal
Logitech set point (not music related, it is from my mouse) I had to reinstall the sofware.

Everything else (including Cubase 9 Pro, halion 5 and halion sonic 2) is working fine. I tested every single software and plugin here.