Windows 10 Home build 2004

Has anybody experienced a very annoying performance degradation since the Windows upgrade to Build 2004?

Specifically in Cubase Pro 10.5.20 :

  1. Screen redraw stalls badly. Example when I go to full screen in the Key Editor, big chunks of screen fail to draw

  2. Main Menu fails. Example When I hover mouse over File or Hub etc., I can not select. Nothing happens.

  3. Computer resources are excessive causing drop outs.

These all only happen in Build 2004. When I roll back to 1909, every thing is back to fine.

DELL XPS 9560 Signature Edition
i7-770HQ 2.80GHz
16 GB ram
NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 (I normally use 4K resolution)

Just stay stable in 1909 for now! Perhaps with the next update your problems will disappear!

It hasn’t caused me performance problems but it did kill my zoom driver which I had to reinstall

At the moment Windows 10 2004 is not yet a supported platform for Cubase 10.5

There is also a graphics bug which Steinberg seem to be blaming on Microsoft, but only seems to affect Steinberg software. That said, I’ve been on 2004 for several months and haven’t noticed any performance problems, and that graphics bug doesn’t bother me.