windows 10 May 2020 update breaks parts of Cubase GUI

On some windows systems it appears that the WIndows May 2020 update affects parts of the Cubase GUI for example the:

Remote Device windows

BOth of these are coded to not have the ‘always on top option’

For example mediabay will also have the issue unless the ‘always on top’ is seleceted and then it will be o.k again.

Images are attached to show the GUI problem.
mediabay offset.PNG
mediabay right.PNG

This could be how the windows update affets integrated Intel graphics or some other reason.


This is a known issue. Already reported and many times mentioned here on the forum.

Hi Martin

Please kindly point me to these ‘many’ parts of the forum. If they are pre windows 2004 update then they are not relevant.

This has only very recently started happening after previous GUI issues were largley fixed!

Many thanks

And no word as to why windows 10 troubleshooter applies windows 8 compatibility to Cubase 10?


For example here and here. I remember it was more, but I can’t find them right now.

Many thanks Martin (one of those I replied to )

The link you provided which I had not seen does appear to be on point:
Graphical misalignment Cubase 10.40 - #2 by Martin.Jirsak - Cubase - Steinberg Forums one on the elements section

Do you maybe happen to know if C10.0.06 would likely receive a hotfix or is it dead in the water?

I have asked support this question.

Thanks again.

Hi, how are you? I have gotten the daw cubase 10 LE “by purchasing an audio interface”. I have noticed that in the insert part of plugins it only has four slots to load. Can it be modified in any way or is it a daw problem?
Another problem is that it does not load vst as eg superior drummer or ez drummer, they are installed but it does not open it.

4 slots is correct for that free LE version.
A vst-instrument does not belong in a FX insert slot, please read the manual on this subject
F11 is the funcionkey for loading Rack or Track instruments.


In the Compare Cubase Editions chart, you can see Cubase LE and Cubase AI have 4 Audiochannel insert slots available. Cubase Elements has 8 Audiochannel insert slots and Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro have 16 Audiochannel insert slots available.

Rack Instruments are not available in Cubase LE, but you can use up to 8 Instrument Tracks in Cubase LE.

Also make sure the Instruments (or any plug-in) are not blocklisted in the VST Plug-in Manager, please.


I cannot say for sure, but from the previous Cubase versions in the past, I would expect C10.0.60 was the very last C10.0.x update ever. So myself I wouldn’t expect a fix here.

If it’s any consolation, the same thing is happening with Cubase 10.5.20 at the moment. Seeing as it’s the Windows update that appears to have broken stuff, perhaps Microsoft should be the ones to fix it?


I would expect so and I have already mention this here on the forum (other thread). The argument from other user was that Cubase is the only one application where this occurs, so Steinberg should fix it. I don’t agree with the statement “Cubase is the only one application”, the user doesn’t have all application installed.

But we can’t make the decision to fix it or not anyway. Someone from Steinberg will do so. :wink:

I’m glad I sticked with W10-1909 as long as possible…but tried the 2004 once and immediatly had audio dropouts.
With 1909 Cubase runs just fine, so 1909 it is for me.

When i have down time will place back an image done earlier in thd year (1909)

… it’s always a good strategy to have image backups before applying these Windows “Feature” updates … which are really a new installation of Windows under the hood.

it’s absolutely essential!

I let this 2004 update by slip by without much thought as the manual windows ‘update pause’ had expired due to not being near or using the system during lockdown!

Before I knew it the feature update was installed. Naughty Windows!

So have will in a registry entry to stay on 1909.

Now back on Windows 10 release 1909 (Cubase 10.0.05) and all back to normal…staying put.

My only issue is , and i don’t remember when this happened, that in the preGain rack of the mixer and in the Edit windows of the channel the phase button has no text anymore. Now i don’t use that much, but can this be correct? I thought the word PHASE was always in there…


I can see the PHASE text here.

thanks Martin.
It’s not a big deal for me, but i’m afraid the end for my PC is coming due to W10 that no longer supports older hardware, Mobo’s, Intel Graphics etc…
I stil have Cubase 8 and 9.5 installed, and all of them have the same issue now.

J.S.Bach was composing music using a quill pen, so do we absolutely have to use windows 10? -:slight_smile: