Windows 10 Multiple Desktop support

Cubase is not compatible with this OS feature.

Afaik, MacOS also has that kind of feature, so it may be implemented in both platforms.

For example having VST plugin editors on a different desktop, one of the mixers on another one etc.

How did you try to do it? Seems to work great here.

It does not work here. For example, all open plugin windows appear on all virtual desktops.

In this link, I found some tools to enhance the experience, maybe that solves my problems.

For me it was a matter of turning off always-on-top for the plug-ins, and observing the list in the right-click menu of the Windows Task View interface. This is working very well here- something I had been waiting for for a while.

Ah the always-on-top thing, I forgot about that!

Thank you. Will try it immediately:)


Also the setting “Show this window on all desktops” is great, I made the the Project window stay all the time on one monitor, while things change in my other monitors.

3 full sized mixers with different visibility settings are open in three different desktops! This is great:)

There is an AHK script here that further enhances this. I’ll try and share my experience.

(the script made by the user optimist__prime is promising)

I use that script, it was promising, but a bit unwieldy. The only command I ever reach for is to move something to a different desktop. One day I’ll put together a script that automatically moves windows to desktops depending on the window name/application.

I wish these kind of power features were all built in.

Because these are really not big chunks of code. But of course overall compatibility and stability is an important issue to consider. (I guess there are so many 3rd party stuff that has got different methods of rendering graphics.)