Windows 10 Not Detecting MR816


My Audio interface is not being detected by Windows 10. I’ve plugged the MR816 into a MAC laptop and it works just fine, however when I connect it to my PC (My main recording computer) it does not show as an available audio device in either windows’ sound properties, or within Cubase 7.

I’ve tried the following:
Replacing the firewire card within my PC (texas instrument based chipset)
Replaced the firewire cable with a new one
Uninstalled the old drivers and reinstalled the latest version from Steinberg’s website
Set the MR816 back to factory default settings.
Removed the registry files under: (HKEY Local Machine -> Software -> Yamaha

Please let me know if you guys have any other ideas other than reformatting my main recording PC. I’ve tried contacting Steinberg’s support directly but they did not have any other solutions to provide.

Thank you very much,

Is it showing up as a device in Device Manager? Did you install the legacy 1394 driver?


same issues here, and have also done all of the same fix attempts as OP.

I did also try the 1394 Legacy drivers from Windows 8.1.

I’m dead in the water. Drivers all appear to be in place, but I get jack.

NOTE: The interface still seems to work physically. I have a keyboard going into it, and it still sounds as grand as ever.

Possible Driver issues beyond customer abilities Steinberg?

Same issue here W10 with mobo Asus Z270-a. I tried 2 different firewire cards Texas Instruments.
Legacy driver nothing. Second time Steinberg let me down, first with their midi interface now with
the soundcard. It’s clear to me never again steinberg hardware. Any suggestions for a good soundcard?

why do they list this as working on windows 10

I’ve got this problem too. The driver is not working anymore since the last windows 10 update. In any case my MR 816 csx doesn’t work properly in Windows 10. Great expense, great delusion and what is Steinberg doing, after advertising so much the goodness of this product? Its goals go all to UR!!! So bad. No solutions, even with the last driver update. Can this problem be solved, please? We’ve got some music to produce, thank you so much.

Lets be fair here guys.

  1. Microsoft keeps changing stuff and killing compatibility.
  2. FW is dead now thanks to Apple killing it off as it always does with their connection protocols.
  3. Try uninstalling the last update for Windows.
  4. Our MR816 has been discontinued a long time ago and the drivers are not and have not been maintained well IMO.

Well, sad to say, but I had to move to a loaner-Macbook for a while, with a Thunderbolt 3 adapter, just to get my MR816 to work, and now that I have to go back to a Windows based machine, I’m going to have to install a dual-boot Windows 10/Windows XP environment to make it work, as the legacy drivers only work well with Windows XP.

I might just have to get a tape-recorder and some glue… So lame.

Yes, with Steinberg offering absolutely nothing to trade the discontinued firewire based device with a matching USB one, this would be my last Steinberg hardware I’d ever purchase.
I expected more from such a reputed company. I don’t expect anything any longer.

No problems here on Windows 10 Pro x64 latest edition so it does work. Standard setup and install using legacy 1394 driver. I also don’t see why Steinberg should offer an upgrade path on a 10 year old product considering its original price point.

  1. Since they should have offered it long before it turned 10 years and long before it got obsolete. This problem started not long after I purchased it but they just stalled, although so many emails and forum messages were asking for a resolution.
  2. Given it’s price? It was (and still is) one of the. more expensive ones for its group! On the contrary- for such costumers you walk the extra mile to keep them in the family…

Everyone’s experience is different. Using a Siig Firewire 1394B (Firewire 800) card and Firewire 400 to 800 cable on na new Win 10 x64b build machine. How are you connecting? I’ve not had any issues other than the original one of not being able to daisy chain as advertised. Other than that, its been great.

The Steinberg mr816x and mr816csx will not always work with the TI chipset in all circumstances. With older motherboards the TI chipset 2022 will work. On newer motherboards this 2022 chipset will install but you will notice no sound output. These interfaces however will on latest motherboards 100% work with the newer Firewire interfaces with a TI chipset ending with 2033. For instance SYBA TI XIO2213.

I got my 816csx through a Yamaha half-price Loyalty upgrade when they discontinued support for my Yamaha 01x. As far as I know, they haven’t ‘officially’ ended support for this unit, just unofficially.

Mine was working as well as it ever did up until I took it out of my workflow last week to install a UR-RT. I had to rethink a good bit to retain the functionality I had enjoyed. My 816 is still in my system, used ONLY for passing audio out to my live room speakers via S/PDIF optical. The UR doesn’t have a S/PDIF of any sort.

The stupidest mistake they made on the MR816s, IMHO, was that the S/PDIF in could ONLY be recognized as a Stereo input for the dsp. If you tried to run two mono channels through it, as I did, the dsp, didn’t connect and the direct monitoring didn’t work correctly. I still think SOMEBODY at Yamaha should have anticipated that some of us would want to use it that way. Of course, not being able to daisychain properly was a bigger problem, because they advertised that you could.