Windows 10 Optimations

When Cubase startup, i suggest that cubase 9 should enable more Optimation Buttons for this new Windows.

Example: Coming Annyversary Update next month, it is no more possible in windows 10 preferences to disable the cortana speaker :frowning: . I suggest inside cubase 9 a button to deselect cortana by startup and (if user want this) activate cortana when cubase closed or program in background (like the cubase disable/enable audio feature ).

link about cortana “you-will-use it” annyversary feature

remark: if you want disable cortana within windows registry, then you must restart windows after edit registry editor. But is there a way to disable it temporary only -please give such feature inside cubase preferences.

I think windows 10 audio-optimations must coming to future cubase 9 preferences. If not, i will never update my windows 8.1 to windows 10.

How does the cortana conflict with cubase? I do not know what cortana is…

cortana is the digital (speaking) windows assistant ( Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Enterprise).

“So it’s disappointing, but not surprising, that Microsoft is removing the ability to turn off Cortana once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update drops on August 2nd, as first reported by PC World’s Ian Paul.”

cortana is using sound- an network ressources ( activated it will use eyerytime 5%- 10% of sound engine- ressources of a midrange computer)

Cortana does not use ASIO, I fail to see the point.

on my windows 10 (Redstone version) cortana is using 1-10% CPU Time (webcam microfone activated), and reported by latency checker measured different cpu-latency (on network driver) like Search Assistant “ok google” service for chrome browser. (Cortana works especially if they can hear something )

More Information fixing different CPU/Memory usage on windows 10
(see point 7 ( This option is no longer possible after the update next month))

What I understood from the article is that you can still turn off the functionality of Cortana ‘listening’ through the microphone. Isn’t that the problem?

@ Steve, if you turn off cortana -then you have complete droped this feature like windows internet search. It is not possible to activate Cortana without full reboot of Windows.
Remarks, i want use Cubase on my computer AND using Cortana Features also.
Cubase is not the only program that I want to use , and probably there are more people like me

In my opinion it is Cortana’s manufacturer who should supply the on-off switch, since it is they who created this problem.

It’s outside the scope of Cubase to provide such specific controls over other programs.

I wpuld request that the Cubase developers not devote any resources to such a thing.

That’s my 2 cents.

(I’m biased, i have had it turned off since installing Windows 10.)


"You can’t turn off Cortana in the coming Windows 10 Anniversary Update" :laughing:

They tell you how to turn off the voice recognition portion in that same article.

I’ll leave it off after the update also.

I’m curious how many users will abandon the Windows search . We will know by the end of month . :astonished:

if you want to waive any disturbing features of Windows 10:

but that is not what is going to do the majority , I think . :unamused: