Windows 10 power options.

Hi, can anyone tell me why the power option keeps reverting back to balanced after I’ve set it to best performance please?

thanks, Kevin

Do you have any other (vendor) power tool installed? Many laptops have additional battery optimizer applications which may override the Windows profiles.

Not directly related to your post, but I was sure that on launch of Cubase an own powerprofile (something like Cubase ABC) will be activated?!

Now I could not find anything about it in their knowledge base…

Make sure you are actually selecting that power plan for use and not just editing the options of the plan. Hope that makes sense…

Hi and thanks for the replies…just making a new power plan, not editing an already established one, just keeps reverting back to balanced, in all other respects I’m finding W10 with Cubase 10 on the new puter very good indeed…s’pose I’ll just have to remember to turn on the cubase power scheme thingy…

You’ve got an i9 9900k, go in the BIOS and turn off C state. If you want to go further… set the clock to Fixed not Dynamic at a nice stable OC.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: that stuff is way above my pay grade my friend…I’d only muck it up for sure!! maybe I could get the builder of the puter to do it but what would be the advantage of what you suggest?

C state is the power saving mode set in the BIOS. You’ll pay more electricity if you leave the PC on but so will high performance mode. The CPU won’t clock down lower than base, you’ll still get turbo stepping. The “if you want to go further” is to lock the CPU higher than base into the turbo.

Sudden changes in CPU speed can be problematic for ASIO.

I have an i7 9700k, it’s running an all core 5.0 OC. Fixed means it stays at 5.0 all the time. Dynamic means it would jump up to 5.0 depending. Fixed over Dynamic simply disables EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology) and other power saving modes. I’m not entirely sure disabling EIST actually sees much real world DAW improvement, the stepping and ASIO might play nicely*. I did notice less realtime spikes when browsing Avenger presets (a heavy synth) when Fixed not Dynamic. I believe disabling C-State stepping is pretty much essential.

*I’d definitely do it if having a slower chip. Anything base 3.2 or lower.

Edit: Ratio Mode Fixed/Dynamic is an MSI feature. On your MB you’d have to disable them individually.

extremely interesting stuff mate…thanks, I reckon I’ll get the guy who built my puter to look into it… :slight_smile: