Windows 10 "redstone" problems plugin loading - to steinberg

Hey there,

So I’m also having trouble with this bug:
Nuendo 7 also has this problem, which is to be expected I guess. The problem is, since I installed redstone this problem has gotten a lot worse. I had it before but only on huge projects. Now projects that worked on the older windows 10 crash on opening on “redstone”, giving me a c++ error.
I can manage to open the projects by loading them on my macbook pro, freezing EVERYTHING that can be frozen and then loading them back in windows. But after this I still can’t load extra plugins.

This is super annoying since now I have to finish my projects on my macbook :frowning:

Is there any time frame known when an update comes to fix this? I saw on KVR that U-He had suggestions to fix this.

Wow, looks like the windows side is facing some severe problems at the moment.
Sessions not loading, no Quicktime (no video)

I was considering going back to Windows if Apple continue to fail to produce a reasonably priced Mac Pro, but that does not look promising…

Actually I use both and since Windows had been working good for me, with some ups and downs, for years now I never thought I’d say this, but today I was considering to install a dual boot as a hackintosh on my pc…
I hope they fix this soon…

BTW, the quicktime problem (no video) is not that bad… you just have to take the risk of installing quicktime :slight_smile:

I also have been plagued by this issue. It would be great to get a status update.

Just a heads-up… This seems a lot better with the latest update… I haven’t run into this problem today yet.
Edit: I did run into this again just now, so I guess it’s only slightly better…

I think you just got lucky. My understanding is the issue has not been resolved.

I think an alternate boot drive with Windows 7 would be an easier path than a Hackintosh, if there is not a Win 10 fix soon.

I thought the same same problem exists in win 7?

I never had any of these kind of problems on W7. I’ll only go W10 when will be absolutely forced to.

Problem exists in earlier versions of Windows too - has a little more information.

Thankfully a lot of plug-in developers are aware of the issue now and have fixed things at their end which lessens the problem (as long as you’re up to date with the plug-in bundles). Steinberg also need to make changes at their end to fully resolve it.

My Win 7 machines stay offline and therefore cannot be updated by MS. I have never experienced any sort of the problem mentioned. Obviously, MS is pushing updates to their OS variants that are causing issues:

  1. Everything is working fine.
  2. Microsoft decides to push OS updates to all various manner of code in their various OS iterations. Without asking the user’s permission. The person who paid to own and use the hardware/software.
  3. In doing so, MS breaks various functions at the developer and end user level.
  4. Developers then waste time fixing what MS broke instead of improving their product.
  5. End users waste time experiencing, analyzing, blaming the wrong party, working around (hopefully) the issue and then finally applying the the fix the developers provide after varying amounts of delay.
  6. Everything is working fine.
  7. Repeat, beginning at Number 2 above.

And people wonder why my DAWs are offline, thinking it’s archaic. Not if you want to avoid the cycle I described and spend that time making music, instead.

That’s incorrect. The problem has shown itself recently through a perfect storm of variables and not because of an OS update.

Can you follow up with how you know that to be true? The issue appears to exist across a number of DAW software packages.

I have various versions of hundreds of audio plugins and VSTi on my system, doing large track count mixes with many, many plugins as well as having updated through all the variations of Nuendo beginning with N2. I’m currently running N 7.1.20. Some of my Templates instantiate with hundreds of plugins in total.

I have never seen this issue. And my DAW is offline. The OS has not been updated in years. Zero plugin issues for me.


If you’re really interested in knowing more then have a read of

There’s a Gearslutz thread at too.

It’s not the number of plug-ins in the session but rather the number of unique plug-ins which aren’t using the dynamically linked C runtime library and thankfully most of the major vendors have fixed the issues now.