Windows 10 Redstone question/clarification...

…so, you’re saying that Steinberg software products support Redstone but may incur a 5 - 10% hit in performance? Should you not be telling us to hold off upgrading while you figure out what’s causing the performance issues? I’m confused. A bit of clarification would be appreciated.

You’re assuming you have a choice to “hold off upgrading”. It’s Windows 10, and now that Microsoft own your computer, they will upgrade it whenever they want.

Not true, if you have Windows pro you can decide if you want to install it.

Even with Windows 10 Pro, you don’t get to decide which updates you want to apply and which ones you don’t. It’s also possible to just disconnect from the internet, but eventually, they’ll get you …

Ahh sorry with this major update I guess it is not. Time to backup, and who needs the interwebs anyway :wink:
I could live with a 10% performance hit for a few weeks if I was confident that a hotfix would be out soon.

“Test results show that, in some cases, performance cuts varying between 5 and 10 percent can occur compared to the previous Windows 10 operating system.” Steinberg.

The key words here are “in some cases” and “can” vs. the current Win10 version 1511. Meanwhile there have been two cumulative updates to the new Win10 1607 in just the past five days and more cumulative updates are rumored prior to release.

Were there performance increase in Win10 1511 vs. Win 7 & Win 8.1?

Looking forward to hearing Steinberg’s report on Halion under Win10 1607.

they fixed it already

That’s about the existing release of W10…the (possible) drop in performance under discussion has been/will be introduced by the Redstone update that is released in a few days time.

Oh that sucks, i thought, that they solved it. ;-(

I skipped 8 and 8.1 and went from Windows 7x64 to Windows 10 Pro x64, a noticeable but in my case not significant improvement in performance. I think a lot of the stories have more to do with the benefit of reinstalling the OS rather than which OS … i.e. if people on W7 were to reinstall W7, it would also be an “improvement” in performance in a lot of cases. Personally I feel no need to go back to W7 though.

There is upgrading the existing OS to the new OS or fresh installing the new OS.
On Tuesday along with the 1607 upgrade beginning to rollout supposedly there will also be an ISO file release of 1607 for download and a fresh install.

Right… Good call.

Hoping SB could shed some light on their testing, under either/both of those situations; what were the findings…?

bump… Steinberg please give us an update