Windows 10 - Still Waiting

2 months have passed since Windows 10 was released. I am certain that Steinberg had a pre release version of Windows long before the official Windows version 10 was released. I know how this work since I am a developer myself. I checked this morning and there was still fix for the known issues.
Do anyone have any clue what they are doing there?

I would like to proceed with my free update to Windows 10 but I am presently kept from doing because it is taking so long for you guys at Steinberg to get your act together.

Have any clue when the update is going to be available.

Ask Microsoft. I’ve heard, that the problems have to be fixed by Microsoft.

There are people reporting both here and across the web that they have moved over to Win 10 without problems. Given that it is possible to downgrade back to where you were you could give it a try - it depends where you are at with your projects. I almost went for it this weekend. I backed everything up last weekend and took an image of my C-drive in preparation - but I finished work on Friday and was in the mood to produce this weekend so I’ve put it off again - I just didn’t feel like spending time this weekend testing doing all the computer stuff.

I’m also in that ‘it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ space. I have a pretty stable period since moving to Pro 8 on Win 8.1. We’ve got a good few months yet before the free upgrade expires so…maybe next weekend - see how I’m feeling.

Even if Steinberg do give it the green light, this is software we’re talking about - some people will be unlucky and there will still be problems out there.

That issue was fixed weeks ago by a windows update.

i work with windows pro10 / 64 (Upgrade from 8.1) and cubase 8.0.30 and found no problems.the only thing is, you have to fresh-up the licenz-center.
musical regards

This one? “Windows MMCSS services will get disabled …”

I don’t recall seeing anything saying that that specific issue was fixed. I’m sure when Steinberg are confident that this is no longer an issue, they’ll say so. It’s not in their interest to have their flagships products not certified for use on the current Microsoft OS. So, just wait until Steinberg say it’s OK … what’s the rush?

Actually they did just not on this forum, but they found another issue that they can currently are investigating. I think they are holding back on any information till they know more, it could be a support nightmare if everyone decided to upgrade before a fix is available. If you want to know more follow the now huge thread on gearslutz on Windows 10. The mmcss issue was definitely fixed 2 weeks ago, have been running Cubase 8 on win10 since without any issues. But I agree just wait, what’s the rush.

From what I’m reading, everyone just did! :unamused: Oh look! Something shiny … and “free” …
Thanks for the info, will observe the lemmings from afar for another while yet.

@ Steinberg: Any news about windows 10 and Cubase? We are patient but I think you owe us to keep us informed.
Thank you in advance.


There’s no need to wait as long as you have the option to keep your already working configuration untouched. Upgrade to Win10 on a second PC and test it out, if it works as well as your old Win7/8 setup for a considerable test period (at least a week of intense workloads) then move to Win10. I did this and everything works perfectly for me, and had I found certain bugs or issues then I had my complete Win7 DAW still there ready to go at any moment.

If you don’t have that option then it’s always best to wait till it’s confirmed working.

works fine here, just had to reinstall the licenser and get the new UR drivers. In fact I think it performs better than Windows 7

Two options you have:

  1. You should never upgrade Cubase to new OS, unless Steinberg says so. If you upgrade without Stainberg giving green light, you may run into numerous problems. Because supported OS like win7 and win8 have NO PROBLEMS at all. And win10 will give you only problems, one after another, because it is not supported. Stick to supported ones, if you hope for Cubase without any problems. Wait further!
  2. What the heck, it is new, it is free, upgrade now. What can go wrong at all. Or, what can go more wrong than on win7 or win8? Just look at complains that people have with Cubase on win7 and win8, which are both officially supported by Steinberg. Supported, meaning what? Do you really believe that Steinberg officially supporting OS will give you smooth ride? C’mon, look at the posts in this forum alone, they all describe Cubase struggling to work on win7 and win8. On win10 it will not be much worse, but it can be better. Go for it!

My upgrade issue with Windows 10 might have been my own fault but I really don’t think so. I tried very hard to ensure that my SSD drive is strictly used for a Windows OS and boot. I have many other large drives for program overhead and data. Because Windows 10 saved everything on drive C, a 128 GB SSD, it was completely filled with Windows 7 and Windows 10 with a folder called Windows.old. No matter what I tried to do I could not free up the space and it was preventing some things from running due to low drive space. With enough frustration I purchased a new 256 gigabyte Samsung SSD to use for drive C. More than annoying and frankly I don’t like Windows 10 it seems to be dictating protocol like it’s no longer my computer… Sounds funny but that’s my thought

Windows 10 is free to users for the first year after release. After that, it must be purchased. I would highly suggest Steinberg officially support Windows 10 before the 1 year is up, or they will have a huge number of angry users forced to buy Windows 10 when it might have otherwise been free.

The latest official KB article that I can find on the Steinberg website about Win 10 compatibility and additional information was updated on July 27, 2015. That is over two months ago. :unamused:

I really don’t understand why Steinberg does not want to keep it’s current and future customers periodically updated about this “issue”. Even the date (July 27, 2015) on the KB is wrong. Wow wee! :open_mouth:

Regards. :sunglasses:

It is a bit ridiculous that this is still an issue. We know that W10 is here and will stay. We know that it is free now but won’t always be. There is no good reason issues have not been sorted out. Even Reaper was prepared for the release. Just sayin… :laughing:

Reaper is that company’s only real product and it doesn’t take advantage of Win10 at all.

I upgraded this morning. Apart from having to remap the inputs and outputs for my MIDI interface, nothing else required. The project I’m working on plays back fine and all my HW working as expected.

Steinberg will never be able to get Cubase working well on win10 for all. Just like they were not able to make it work on win7 or win 8 for all.