Windows 10 support for UR242?

I realise that Windows 10 is still a technical preview but a lot of people like myself have already started using it. Cubase Elements 8 works great under Windows 10 for instance.

I was wondering if anyone has tested Steinberg hardware with Windows 10. I’m thinking of getting a UR242 and wonder if anyone has tested it with Windows 10?

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Ola, London, UK

I can answer this myself now after having received my UR242 from today. It works great with Windows 10. Installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver before plugging in the device and automatically recognised and working with Cubase Elements 8 (and other audio on the box). Also using a Roland MIDI keyboard and this worked fine too.


Same here, including with UR824. Actually, W10 preview is just fine. somehow more stable? regardless some clear sign of ‘‘preview’’ expected at this stage. I simply stop writing and waited to see if it was not just luck.
Also now using Surface as remote desktop , for knobs and sliders its wicked, big fan of multiple desktop for different VSTs ,

A SSD with W10 with a clean install, it make serious a difference, I even forgot to “set virtual memory to fix amount”. avoid an update over an older registry.

Best of luck

Does anyone know if the UR44 uses the same drivers as the UR824? I was told by Steinberg that Windows 10 drivers for the UR44 were not ready yet.

Using UR44 on Win 10 here.

How is the UR44 with Windows 10? Same latency? Any issues?
Thanks much!

It works, I haven’t done any A/B comparisons. I run with a 192 sample buffer. If you are issue-sensitive I would wait till Steinberg issues their announcement about it, which usually comes a bit after the OS is released.

Much thanks SteveInChicago! You are the only one I have received any info on this from.

Well, I have an UR242.

It has worked fine until last night. I turned on the computer and I did not get the sound to work in Win10 environment, but it worked great in Cubase 8!?
Win10 recognizes my UR242 but can not play any sound, anyway, the internal sound card runs fine in windows…
Could it be the ASIO driver that doesn’t work with Win10 or somehow clash with the internal sound card :question:

Well, I have discovered that the sound card driver can crash if you turn on the UR242 after Win 10 has started